Using 4G for home internet + VoIP phones?

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  • Using 4G for home internet + VoIP phones?
  • Rickos

    Living miles from a wired exchange means our home broadband is dire. We do have a 4G mast just 400m away though, so my cunning plan is to buy a 4G router (Huawei B525 looks like the winner so far) and a contract SIM from Vodafone with unlimited max. This is actually a phone plan, but their data only plans aren’t as good value.

    So, I think EU rules (good old EU!) means that they can’t stop you from using a phone SIM in a broadband 4G router, so my question would be how do I then get a home phone set up? Because it’s a phone SIM can I simply plug a VoIP phone into the back of the router (ethernet or RJ11) and use the phone SIM contract for calls? Or will I need to sign up with a VoIP provider?

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    Do you need a home phone?

    Premier Icon db

    Won’t the VoIP just use the data connection. You still need a VoIP provider I think. (could be wrong)

    Also check the small print on the Vodafone contact I imagine they would want to stop you doing this. (and buy a more expensive data contract sim).

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    If you want the landline experience you’ll need a VoIP provider to route between your VoIP phone and the landline network. Lots of VoIP providers around including my ISP:

    For a VoIP handset I can endorse the Gigaset stuff, I’ve a N300 base in the cupboard where the master socket is with a handset downstairs. Amusingly, I’ve owned it for two years and still haven’t got around to migrating away from BT to a data-only landline and VoIP.

    I’d triple check that your phone contract SIM is actually unlimited and not ‘fair use unlimited’ as using it for a home connection may well be defined as out of scope, and they’ll either just disconnect it or send you a huge bill when they notice.

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    Re-read the question and noticed what you’re trying to ask. No, plugging a VoIP phone into a 4G router won’t let you make phone calls over the mobile network using the SIM.


    i’ve a 4g router (netgear thingy) that I no longer use… would sell for £40..PM if interested..

    (I had Three 4g, and though i’m central town, my speeds were terrible… I think my mast was overused….)



    There are some 4G routers that let you plug in an regular landline phone. Then you can make calls over the mobile network. This is not VoIP, it is just a regular mobile phone call. So it will use any included minutes on the SIM, or charge the standard call rates.
    If you are using a mobile broadband SIM, it may not allow phone calls, it only supports a data connection.

    Seems the Huawei BS25 can do this, it has an RJ11 socket.


    At the risk of not really answering your question, but echoing a previous comment, are you sure that you need the VOIP facility? We have just built a house, and have no copper line since the connection to which we would have to tie in is very poor. Instead we are using 4G broadband from EE, with an antenna fitted outside and then large diameter coax cables to a router inside (Teltonka RUT240). Each of our mobile phones has wifi calling enabled, so perfect reception in the house since it uses the external antenna (which is way better than then antenna in the phone in the first place). If you haven’t already, you can use Cell Mapper to check who operates the 4G mast which might also influence your choice of contract. If you have a look at the EE contracts and want to use them drop me an email, I can get a voucher to give you 20% discount through Blue Light Card.


    This is almost the same setup I use (Huawei B593 and a three unlimited sim). The phone just uses the sim card to make calls.

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    We’re in a similar position, and ditched BT landline altogether, as no-one ever used the landline, and the broadband speeds were terrible (<2Mb/s).

    We’ve got a 4G router, hidden in the attic linked to a really discrete external antenna mounted onto the same pole as the TV ariel. I’ve then used a Powerlink to connect that to our existing wi-fi network/Apple TV etc.

    It works really well, currently getting 15-20Mb/s download and 10-15Mb/s upload. Wi-Fi calling through our mobiles, when required, and just forget having to try to remember what the home number is.

    There may be a good reason why you really need a VoIP phone, but would a mobile not suffice (using Wi-Fi calling)?


    we’ve just moved to FTTP and therefore had to get rid of the landline. Not a problem for me, but elderly parents apparently need a landline to call.

    so I’ve set up

    Port your number to them (£20? Possibly)
    download an app like Grandstream Wave (both iOS and Android)
    whenever some one calls your old landline number, it obviously rings on the mobile. Anywhere with a data connection, so better – in reality – than an old fashioned landline.

    Doesn’t cost anything. Obviously would do if you call out (but got mobiles for that), but incoming calls are free. Again obviously voicemail etc costs.

    Also now have an old iphone permanently plugged in at home, so there’s always a phone handy if it rings


    I’ve posted quite a lot of info in this thread:

    TLDR; Three umlimited data sim (£20PM), external antenna and RUT240 router (£200ish). Not paying BT and Plusnet: Priceless 😉

    Our experience (even close to a mast in a very rural area) was an external antenna was mandatory more for consistency then anything else. We don’t often get the 60meg I show in the thread but we get 30/10 almost all the time. And it’s £20 a month!

    Also use SIPGATE and N300 IP phone. Both brilliant. FWIW three provide a similar router to the one you mention, but they block the RJ11 port. SIPGATE is £0 to register and 1p a min to most destinations. We use wifi calling as well but both our aged parents insist on ringing a land line…


    Thanks for replies.
    Tried Three a couple of months ago with their AI Cube at £24 a month, but we were too far from their mast. An external antenna may have solved it, but just went back to slow broadband instead. Vodafone mast is really close so should be OK. Anything is better than current sub 1.5MBps!

    Have also since found that the Huawei B525 has the RJ11 port, but it’s a gateway so I can plug in a phone and use the minutes included on the SIM contract (as also mentioned by CraigW above). Win!

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