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  • Used car warranties – are any any good?
  • Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Buying an ’07 CRV at the weekend (private sale), and thinking of getting a warranty for it.

    My gut instinct is that none are worth the paper they are written on – but has anyone had good experiences of them?


    Premier Icon oikeith

    I’m not sure if this is the same, when I picked up a new user car from a private seller, I added an extra to my breakdown cover with the AA, cant remember the name of the policy now. Very handy as the alternator failed a few months later and minus the excess they covered parts and labour.

    Think the upper limit was £500 per claim, kept it for a few years till I thought the cost of the policy wasnt worth it when compared to what I thought the vehicle was worth.

    Premier Icon dovebiker

    It’s an insurance policy with a long list of exclusions and cop-outs so read the small print. I bought a used car many years ago with one – the original car had had a factory recall to replace the oil cooler on the auto transmission but this car hadn’t been done. The cooler failed and the transmission was full of water and the cooling system full of oil – the transmission was wrecked. The oil cooler was excluded under the warranty – I had to pay a grand to get it fixed. The dealer didn’t want to know.


    Had 3 door lock motors and a radiator through RAC in the past 12 months. Saved around £1,200 I think. Not bad to say it came with the car when I purchased second hand (from a dealer)

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Although I had to fight them, our one from a few years back did pay out a few times.

    See Honest John – he has a company he suggests / reviews are good on.


    Not everybody has good experiences with warranties…


    I used the one that Quentin Wilson fronts – payed out £800ish for some airbag issues – apparently one of the better companies.


    Out of curiosity I got an online price (the one recommended on Honest John – MotorEasy) for my 12 yr old Mazda 3 – £400 for a car probably worth not much more than £1500. Three minutes later my phone rang – someone in sales trying to get me to buy a policy! Even if I was going to I definitely won’t now!

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    I got one with a second hand car (6 months worth for free). Can’t remember the name though. I claimed up to the value for a split coolant hose with fitting with no fuss.

    Suppose they’re a bit hit and miss, depending on who you ask.

    Premier Icon jeffl

    If it’s a diesel check the clutch doesn’t slip. There’s a known issue with the pressure plate being weak. Loads of material on the clutch itself but not enough pressure to stop it slipping. On the accord with the same engine it was anywhere from £400 to £1000 as the subframe had to be dropped to access it and the DMF potentially needed doing as well.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329

    jeffl seconded. We had it on an 09 Civic, I knew about the weakness before buying but the salesman just claimed it only affected the CRV (because he was a dck) We knew he was lying but all cars have weak points so we bought it anyway.

    Anyway, he sodded off on holiday when it did happen a year later, the upside was we got a new clutch and flywheel for just 2 hours labour after some negotiation with Honda’s main office. It was on 80,000 and a couple of years out of warranty, but it had FSH and was sold to us by a dealer so they gave us some ‘goodwill’.

    So, you need to test drive it again. Get it warmed up and then give it the beans in 5th and 6th, be a bit rough with the clutch to try and provoke any slippage. If it starts to slip, force yourself to keep your foot down and if its a weak pressure plate (and not just a worn clutch) it will suddenly stop slipping and accelerate normally. Explain to the seller why you are checking as its likely its already been replaced and fixed with a later clutch.

    If its petrol, ignore all I said, I’m not sure if the clutch is different or the engine doesn’t have enough torque, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

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