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  • Trailerboard electrical wiring on a '58 plate Berlingo.
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    Hi all, hopefully someone is able to offer some advice. I’m having a few problems.

    Coming back from Les Gets last month I was stopped by the UK police because the Berlingo’s rear lights were pretty much totally obscured by the bikes on the rear carrier. TBH I’d not realised and was grateful for the advice and assistance. We were led us to a safe lay-by just off the M25 so we could re-arrange things by putting two of the bikes into the vehicle, much to the rear passenger’s annoyance.

    Keen that this doesn’t happen again I have decided to fit a trailerboard to the rear carrier as well as doing my best to try to keep the bike wheels arranged in such a way as to keep the lights unobscured.

    I want to fit a trailer socket internally in a little cubby-hole in the boot, on a trailing flex. I have stripped the linings from both sides of the boot area. I have soldered and then insulated the wires from the pre-wired socket to the vehicle wiring.

    Wiring is as follows;
    Designation: Vehicle wire colour: Trailerboard wire colour

    1(L), LH idicator: pink: yellow
    2(54G), Fog lights: green: blue (this wire is not connected within the trailerboard).
    3(R), Earth, green and yellow/ bodywork: white.
    4(R), RH indicator: green: purple.
    5(58), RH tail/ side/ numberplate: beige: brown.
    6(54), Brake lights: white: red.
    7(58L), LH tail/ side/ numberplate: grey: black.

    When I attached the brand new trailerboard the indicators stopped working after a single flash. The front indicators are still illuminating but are flashing rapidly whilst nothing happens at the rear (ooh-errr missus!) Likewise, if I use the brake the lights will illuminate on the first ocassion but not again. If I disconnect the trailerboard all of the vehicle’s will eventually return to normal but it takes a while to do so.

    I have checked and double-checked all connections and bulbs. I have not installed a buzzer unit or any additional relays.

    Can anyone shed any light (se what I did there?!) on this?

    Cheers and beers, Ambrose

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    Citroens of this age use can bus for the lighting the additional bulbs are making it think it has a short so it turns the rears off. You will need the relay box to suit the car. May even be a citroen part that just plugs in.

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    Brilliant! (see what I did there too!?) Many thanks. I had wondered about this. Ebay here I come.

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    Yay! it lives. The 7 way relay from Trailerspares (I think) did the job. All is now good, thank you parkesie.

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