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  • sharkbait

    You may have to spend some time with a multimeter seeing what powers up when you put indicators on etc.


    Can anyone help me with the pinout on the trailer connector shown below?

    It is on my Hiace Camper (Japanese import). I have tried Google but cannot find anything similar. I want to change it to a standard UK 7 pin.

    Thats a standard 24N socket as used on all 24v trucks.
    Check your voltage before you swap it for a 12N socket and blow all the bulbs on your caravan.

    Search for 24N wiring diagram. The big one at the top is earth for a start.

    It seems surprisingly hard to find a 24N wiring diagram on the web.
    Google images gives a lot of results for 12N, which is a different pin layout.

    4th one down here, marked “Heavy Duty” is what you’ve got.


    If they have used the wrong socket what makes you think they haved wired up correctly

    Looking from the rear of the socket
    (the terminal screwside)

    top pin .earth .white wire
    Next row down left pin black wire lhd side lights
    ……………rhd pin brown wire rhd side lights
    2nd row lhd pin yellow .lhd indicater 2 row mid pin not used 2nd row rhd pin green wire .rhd indicater
    Botton row middle red wire .stop lights

    But not matter std 12v trailer socket totaly different socket and wire locations

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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