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  • Yep I bought one on Ride2work scheme and after riding a ‘hack bike’ Curtis S1 last winter.
    Not rode a massive amount but really impressed with it so far. Am 6’5″ so went for XL model. Gearing is a bit undergeared so changed to 33:18 which is spot on. Brakes seem ok stop but will probably require a fair bit of cable adjustment to cope with pad wear. BB seems okay so far with no slippage.

    Nice to slow things down a bit and take a step back from ragging an Evil Sov round Lee Quarry, it feels like a bike you had from younger years where you just go out and pedal around and explore a bit, simple times sorta bike.

    Considering one of these:

    Anyone got one? How’d you find it? It would be my first rigid single-speed.

    Other option I’m considering is building an On One Inbred.

    Premier Icon benji

    Got one, nice ride, but am about to part with it, only because I have built myself a pace rc129er as a singlespeed, done just under 150 miles on it.

    It’s a good frame, rides nicely with the 29er wheels, so enables the carrying of momentum, the 33/20 gearing is about spot on for most things you would ever want to ride.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    I’ve had mine for about three weeks now. Nce bike, good price, excellent frame. Rides really well and gearing suits me fine.

    You won’t get a medium though, there are none in the country and no more coming in, trust me, I tried!

    No cable stops for rear mech as advertised, bb is fine so far and brakes are much better than I expected. Tyres are not much though, I’ve replaced the front with a 2.4 mountain king which suits it better

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Everyone loves the colour, it really is very pretty!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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