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  • So decided to try the cheap-o tubeless sealant… £8 for 1250ml watered down 2:1, OKO off-road/ATV sealant. Done some googling and on here and apparently their bike stuff is the same stuff watered down so… will see if it saves me some money… quite glad I didn’t have a puncture on the side of the trail, would be end-ex! That tyre and rim compo was a pain in the arse to get off! Could use some thiner tyre levers me thinks.
    I hope my wife don’t mind me using her shaker…..

    [url=]IMG_20170302_182126[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    [url=]IMG_20170302_184511[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    [url=]IMG_20170302_185413[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    One up!

    [url=]IMG_20170302_190843[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr


    [url=]IMG_20170302_193554[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    both done!

    [url=]IMG_20170302_194435[/url] by Stephen Williams, on Flickr

    both went up easy enough fingers crossed they stay up!


    interested to see how well it works so please keep updating us

    Premier Icon dickyhepburn

    Done inside, bold work, in your awe

    Will do, fingers crossed I put enough sealant in…


    have used it before and worked well, but ended up needing thinner latexy stuff for some tyre and rim combo, i think mainly to beads sealed tho.
    didn’t water-down. made gremlins after a while but only sludgy ones, and quite a long whiel to be fair.

    @jamiesilo thanks for the info, knowing how tight these are I am hoping they are going to be OK…. I pumped them up with my £3 track pump with the valve cores in no problem.


    I used the same stuff watered down about 2:1.
    Been in the wheels about a year now. No punctures, and they’ve stayed up fine. Still sounds like there’s liquid in there if I slosh them around.

    Good to hear ajantom thanks.
    I think FB thinks I’m a mad man….

    Little worried I’ve not put enough in (150ml) but you can hear it sloshing about so can’t be that bad… might get a syringe and put some more in via the valve.

    Premier Icon konanige

    Been using it for ten years now, straight outa the bottle never had an issue and doesn’t need changing as often as bike specific stuff. Imagine the cost of changing out the 30 litres in your John Deer every couple months!!!!!

    @ konanige

    Good to know thanks!

    Premier Icon kilo

    Been using it for a couple of years now on mtb and cx bikes been quite pleased with it, probably wouldn’t go back to Stans

    Well thanks for the reassurance! Might try a ghetto set up on my Kaff next… though not too fussed about that atm.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Interesting mate,
    As said, keep us updated!

    Oh, did you mean 2 parts sealant to 1 part water by the way?

    Indeed, though more that will do.. looked sloshy enough

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Cheers mate.

    Will keep an eye on the thread.

    Premier Icon welshfarmer

    Hmmm, tried it with neat OKO in the past with no success. Maybe it was just too viscous. May have to try the watered down version

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    welshfarmer – Member
    Hmmm, tried it with neat OKO in the past with no success. Maybe it was just too viscous. May have to try the watered down version

    In what way didn’t it work bud? Just didn’t repair punctures?


    Well they stayed up over night, the front one lost a few PSI on the valve but it soon sealed.
    Got them pumped up to 20psi atm just to see how they hold.

    @andyl thats the stuff, I got it from my local farm industries (or what was now Patch and Acre) Mole Vally was too far north for me….

    Premier Icon lerk

    I’ve been using that for the past few years, watered down with floor latex liquid…
    Good to know I can be even tighter and use water!


    how is it in terms of ammonia content and green credentials?

    I’m not sure how green it is but there are no hazardous etc warning labels, can’t see anything on the website to concern me.
    Must be fairly “clean” to be used for agriculture I should have thought? Incase it leaks on crop etc?

    Premier Icon Kamakazie

    Any idea how it differs from their pink Quad stuff?

    Guessing it’s more viscous as it’s rated to seal bigger holes so the Quad stuff might not water down as much?


    Looked at their website and they do a whole range. Branded as Nu-track at madison and I think they have the price here wrong. Anyone with a Madison account want to quickly order some?


    The bike stuff specifically mentions no ammonia. Have emailed them for the MSDS for the off-road stuff and asked about ammonia and anti-freeze content with regards to thin wall aluminium rims.

    Well both are still up holding pressure, not had a chance to ride yet, might go out tomorrow with the boy….if I don’t die I will report back.


    MSDS back. Same one covers all apparently. Couldnt see any ammonia compounds mentioned. There may well be some differences to the material and the viscosity etc of the different versions to tailor them to applications. All I could see mentioned specifically were an anti-freeze and an anti-microbial.

    So finally got out on them for a cheeky hour they stayed up all week in the shed fine, checked my pressures before taking the kids school (16F – 18R) and by the time I got back the front was at 5psi… span the wheel drove it to the the trail put 16psi in again and no further issues.

    Worked well in the local trail centre down here in Cornwall, took in the blue and low red didn’t have time to cross the road down to Cardinham for a more in-depth test run.

    No issues to be had, will see how they hold pressure after a run out.

    Only problem I had was a wash out on the front, not sure if too much or not enough pressure but it didn’t look like the side wall folded just lost grip. I’m still new to this tubeless plus tire lark.

    Just as a bit of an update, started loosing pressure within a couple of hours of topping it up, took it for a ride across the beach the other day and was lucky there was a helpful RNLI bloke with a multi tool as I seemed to be loosing air through the valve.

    Today I broke the beads to have a look and most of the stuff had clumped up together so added a bit more than I did last time and see how that goes now the valves are tight…. If that fails it back apart and new rim tape.

    On the plus side I got to test if my Lezyne micro floor drive hv will seat a tubeless tyre and it does!


    Been using this for a while now.
    I empty half the container into another bottle(after shaking the hell out of it), Then top up original bottle with water..
    Has been really good.
    So £8 of it makes 2.5litres. 🙂

    Premier Icon shortyj15

    Ah you need to water it down for bikes….I had some agricultural stuff but didn’t get on with it as it was too thick. I got a bottle of stans so hopefully go back and try it watered down.

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