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  • richcc

    Favourite recommendations seem to be the Islabikes. Expensive (IMHO) but people seem to rate them

    Premier Icon watly_biker

    I’d recommend wooden balance bikes – no stabilisers – easier to carry than big bike with stabilisers, no tipping over on off camber pavements.
    To start with my two both just walked but got the hang of it after a couple of weeks. Also easier for them to stop/start and go up and down kerbs.
    I would avoid stabiliser route – go for wooden balance bike and then pedally bike later on.
    Also they are not all £100 – got ours from e-bay new shipped from Germany
    for about £40.
    I guess any metal balance bike would work just as well – think ISLA bikes do a non pedally one too ?


    can anyone recommend me a bike for my two toddlers to learn on. They are ages 2 and 3 it needs to be fairly light as the missus travels everywher by train. Needs to have stabilisers as well i have been looking at those wooden bikes would they be any good do you think?


    LikeaBike…On order for my girl!


    a lot cheaper than an isla bike
    my daughter has the isla bike and loves it though


    islabike rothan here, littlelister (2’narf) has had it since christmas, and now i can’t stop him…feet up at the top of the hill, and whoosh, he’s gone!! 🙂

    he had his first proper wipeout last week, speed wobble to over the bars and face plant…no tears, i was very proud 🙂

    Premier Icon paulosoxo

    Only 2 years old and freewheeling already

    Premier Icon firestarter

    my little one has a ridgeback scoot lovely little thing and not bad price

    Hi Slow john, I bought a wooden balance bike exactlty the same as the one in paulososxos` pic. (ebay £25 but have since seen them in lidle)I gave
    it to my son on his 2nd birthday. He wasnt to keen to start with so we just left it, about 4 months latter he found it in the shed and wanted to play on it. 2 days latter wizzing around the patio feet up! next weekend going down a wooden ramp onto the lawn (about 3″) much to wifes shock! Got him a nasty steel pedal bike from a charity shop for £3 and re-sprayed it. I was strongly advised to avoid stabalisers because they discourage the kids from leaning a little as they turn. We went out little but often, about 10 / 15 mins at a time. I put my elbow pads on his legs as a bit of knee protection and after a few sesions he was away! Its very rewarding to see them riding and to see how much they enjoy it. Must get out again soon! Good luck with your family, and stay aaway from stabilisers!


    Another Islabike here 4 year old still scooting around on it!


    another big vote for islabikes…..2-3 they can muck around on wooden bikes with no pedals, or even better those pink or blue scooters (best toy ever IMHO)……

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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