Timpson’s Schmimpson’s – watch bracelet adjustment

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  • Timpson’s Schmimpson’s – watch bracelet adjustment
  • According to the website, my local Timpson’s offers a watch bracelet adjustment service.

    So I went in this morning with my new G-Shock GMW B5000 (all metal) and asked the guy to remove two links.

    “Sorry mate. I can’t do it.”

    “How come?”

    “I’ve not got the tools for it.”


    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Maybe it uses non-standard tools.

    Like lots of bike and car components?

    It uses links and spring bars.

    Adjusted by an independent jeweller opposite Timpson’s.

    I’m not in a mood now!


    Adjusted by an independent jeweller opposite Timpson’s.

    Why didn’t you go there first?

    That’s the equivalent of taking a bike into Halfords for a repair when there is an IBS over the road.

    Premier Icon cynic-al

    Yup. Corporate is inconsistent at best.

    Premier Icon richmtb

    You can take G-Shock links out with a small flat screwdriver

    Premier Icon tthew

    Timpsons are not your typical big corporate businesses. Employ a lot of ex-prisoners and have a charitable foundation. Worth supporting if you can.

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    I went to one for the same purpose on the basis the jewellers opposite needed 48hrs.   He took some links out, gave it back, I paid.   Within 20ft of me walking away he watch fell apart, luckily I caught everything.

    Went I went back, he went “Sorry mate not my problem” despite the fact I’d been there about 30 seconds ago.  I had a minor argument about his responsibilities and that if no remedial action I was off to complain to the famous shopping centres management.  He fixed it with a grimace and an over zealous hammering on my watch and practically threw it back at me.

    I’m sure there are some good franchises, but I won’t go to that one again.

    Turns out it need one more link removing post jewellers. I did it myself with my eBay watchmakers tool kit…

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    I recently took a watch into the one in our local Sainsbury’s to see if the could swap the failing clasp on my watch over for a replacement is bought on eBay. They guy did it for me there and there and only asked me to drop a few pounds in the charity tin rather than taking anything in actual payment. Couldn’t have been happier.

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