Things from the past you'd like to try.

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  • Things from the past you'd like to try.
  • stevestunts – Member
    Ms. Joanne Lain, geography teacher from sixth form days,

    She’s aged pretty well.


    Premier Icon sparkyrhino

    one of those blue 3 wheeled disabled cars, 😐


    Knights of Royal England is what you want


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    I would have liked to try the Scottish Six Day Trials on an old Ossa or Montessa Cota or something like that. I used to own a BSA C15 Trials bike that was so heavy but I did build it out of a box of bits, kinda gave me a feel for playing in the mud..

    one of those blue 3 wheeled disabled cars,

    The Invacar!

    Image link may not work?

    I would have liked to try the Scottish Six Day Trials on an old Ossa or Montessa Cota or something like that.

    I observed & back marked it in the late 70’s, on a 250 Sherpa. Happy days they were!

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    For esselgruntfuttock

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Pre-Colombian America, all of it
    British mountain roads pre-tarmac, on a modern MTB
    Cardiff when it wad a small town with walls
    The Valleys pre industry
    The Somerset levels pre drainage.
    In fact, the whole of Britain circa 1000AD, bears and all
    The Holy Roman Empire
    Antarctica pre-snow
    The whole of Britain in Neolithic times or before. To stand in the forest where my house now is and look down the same valley to the same coast with no bugger anywhere.

    Premier Icon richmars

    Dinosaur steak, medium rare, with chips.


    Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi

    The best use of a corporate parts bin ever.

    Premier Icon lister

    24″ wheels.

    Matt, that is pure porn!

    The J Class, pure class.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    What cfh said.

    Fabulous. Can’t say I expect any of the last few generations of IACC class boats to last a tenth as well.


    Lyndsey Dawn McKenzie (pre reduction…)


    bugsy the american one, matt – I hate losing!


    Honor Blackmen all day long in 1973 -prime me thinks xx

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    Climb loads of classic new routes before the Rock and Ice arrived

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’d like to watch the North Sea carving the Dover Straight at max flow.

    And who wouldn’t want to go back in time to be the first to type “26” wheels” on this thread?

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    Not bragging or owt, but I’ve sailed la Nioulargue in St Tropez.. Ohh back in the good old days. 😆


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    So, drugs and women, eh?



    Could I have a ride on Appollo 11 please?
    failing that, a ride on some 26″ wheels


    MDMA. Opium. Cocaine. LSD.

    In pure, undiluted, from source form.

    Legal distribution of 100% pure narcotics would be a fine apocalypse.


    Could I have a ride on Appollo 1 please?

    I’ll see if I can arrange for you to replace Gus Grissom.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Brigitte Bardot.

    Otherwise something similar to what molgrips said, the UK before all the trees got chopped down to make ships or power the industrial revolution. But with a modern MTB to scoot around on.

    I left out:

    The current use of some late ’90s “trade connections” which are now estranged.

    Screaming around in a Mk 1 Escort rs 1600, whilst sporting a ‘tache, mirrored aviator sunglasses, and real leather jacket with real fur collar, with Sabbath on the cassette player.

    26 wheels – all at the same time, on one bike. Has anyone had that one yet in this thread?


    Lindsay Lohan before she went mental.


    Victorian England and the chance to tramp around the globe doing perilous things for nothing more than an entry in the history books.

    Having read “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush”, I’d like to have been able to do something like that. I still could I guess, but not with the same level of epic discovery.

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    Roast Dodo, definitely roast dodo, they were supposed to be delicious.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Jimmy Savile etc & all the pathetic apologists who cast a blind eye & after a good modern trial by jury pop em all back to the medieval times for their punishment

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Going to Brecon by train in about 1960.


    Smoking on Concorde whilst landing at Kai Tak…..

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Another vote for England about 1000 years ago. Maybe even 2000 – Roman times up on High Street and Hadrians Wall, the Roman cities of Londinium, Deva (Chester) and Eboracum (York).

    But with a nice full sus to get me about, I reckon those Roman roads would be murder on a road bike…

    Oh and the slightly more recent past: Queen, live at Wembley. Was too young/didn’t know about them the first time round!


    Sitting in the jump seat on an airliner for landing. I asked once when I was sitting upstairs on a 747 (back in the days when work paid for such things when flying transatlantic, which was of course also before 9/11), got told very apologetically that they’d got an extra crew member on board who was sitting there, but just ask again next time…


    Fly a Spitfire, preferably a Mk IX.

    Have another go in a pristine, Mk 2 Golf 16v.

    And another go at all of the sex I missed out on during my teens.

    Premier Icon armchairbiker

    1. Concorde – and I used to fly 747’s to US instead because it was cheaper, thinking one day (the company I worked for paid the flights)

    2. The female university rowing club. I had one success but wish I had aimed for the rest of the team too. Enough said

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    Sitting in the jump seat on an airliner for landing.

    I’ve been lucky enough to have done this on a sabena f27 into Brussels. It was as exciting as it was terrifying. Exciting for the obvious reasons, terrifying because you get to see how rickety, flimsy and generally knackered civil aircraft are: PF’s instruments had all frozen up so he was using the NFP’s gauges; landing checklist was a series of hinged flaps with different tasks written on them. PF would just flip easy one down as they were completed, except in the turbulence they would randomly fall down of their own accord meaning the pilot would have to flip them back up; can distinctly remember the gear down indicators didn’t. 😯

    Going for a road ride in the early seventies on a sunday- not a car to be seen.

    scurvy and pressgangs

    first organism(sic)

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