Thetford Forest car parking (charges)

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  • Thetford Forest car parking (charges)
  • Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Now I know I’m tight but I’ve just seen the prices to park in Thetford Forest 😯

    I’m over that way with work on Tuesday evening is there anywhere more affordable (or free) to park my car near by, I don’t mind a few miles of riding to get to the trails.

    Any locals out that night as well?



    Entrance to the fire road at the bottom of the beast is my usual spot if riding over there.

    Happy to pay at all other trail centres as reasonably priced, High Lodge are taking the micky a bit with the prices though.

    Premier Icon flange

    YEs chap – carry on past the turn in for the park, take your next left to Brandon country park. £2. DO NOT EVER park at high lodge, its a massive rip off.

    Premier Icon richmars

    Lots of the fire roads exit onto the main road and have space to park. As Loco says, bottom of the beast is a good one, as there’s space for 6-8 cars, and you can get on to (what was called) the black route.
    Failing that and if you need food/loo etc, Brandon CP is fine.


    Brandon Country Park car park as mentioned…..

    If you are planning on doing the waymarked trails, then head back up from the car park to the main road. Cross the road, back into the forest and almost immediately there is a non-signposted trail on the right hand side.
    Follow it down. It splits a few times, but doesn’t matter what path you take as long as you are generally heading in the same direction. You’ll end up at a fire road at the bottom of The Beast.

    From here you can either follow the signs (on your left, turn left back into the forest) to do the last bit of the trail.
    Or, to get to the start of the trails go left up the fire road and when it bears round to the right after a few hundred yards, continue straight up on a grass/sand track (instead of following it right).
    At the end of this, turn right onto the sandy path. Follow this until the end of a grassy field on you right and go left onto a gravel road. This takes you to the start of the waymarked trails.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Thanks all for your local knowledge :mrgreen:


    We normally park near the “bottom” of the red route. lots of free bits round there. Be prepared for dirty looks from entitled parents who are a bit livid they forked out for parking.

    Also, bring packed lunches. A few years ago the food was fine, but when I went last year the sausage roll I bought was essentially water and scrunched newspaper. Worst roll i’ve ever seen.


    I could be tempted out, what sort of time are you thinking ?
    I normally do a road ride but I’m working in Thetford at the moment so could maybe do a Brandon
    Loop instead ?
    (Brandon side is much better than the way marked stuff at HL anyway)


    I may be up for a blast work dependent, as cr500dom says, would stick to Brandon side, make a Stw meet up?

    Premier Icon timmys

    Thetford people… Where the flippity flip is the new pump track located? I’ve only been once since the signs appeared saying it’s finished but didn’t see hide nor hair of it.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    Logging interest in pump track ^^^

    Oh and as above BCP.

    It’s then a nice warm up ride (10mins) to the start if the may marked stuff.

    Premier Icon mtbfix

    Usually I’d feel inclined to comment on parking charges subbing trail care, but Thetford’s £2hr rate is crackers.

    Premier Icon thepurist

    I was up that way in May and enjoyed the Viking trail at Tunstall way way way more then Thetford. But then again I didn’t have local knowledge to find the good bits at Thetford.


    The pump track is right next to the high lodge parking area. It is just east of the squirrel scamper pit near the end of the beater trail (old red trail). If in doubt ask at the bike art shop, it’s a minutes ride from there.

    I would definitely be interested in a STW meetup. I’m local but I have a vague knowledge of the riding on the Brandon side, would be great to be guided around there a bit.

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