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  • The agonies of tyre choice… BC riding content.
  • cynic-al

    its weight not width that slows you down.

    Last summer we spent 5 weeks in BC, riding everything from epic XC (Comfortably Numb, Seven Summit Trail and Keystone-Standard Basin) to shuttle and lift stuff in Whistler, Silver Star, Nelson and the North Shore. This year we’re off again, for more of the same, but in a bigger group.

    I run Stan’s Flow rims, and opted for 2.35 TR Bonty Jones ACXs. In the 1st week I tore the sidewalls twice. Once in Whistler Bikepark (I’d just given my spare tube to a stranded DHer high on Garbanzo), and one on Comfortably Numb the very next day (I managed to repair it with a patch and re-seated the tyre with a minipump in the middle of nowhere…)

    After some nervous rides where I no longer trusted the Bontys, and after a Geax Lobo Mas Loco blowing off the rim whilst I rode across a carpark, I fitted some WTB Dissent DH tyres that my wife had won in Whistler. They’re quite Minion-esque, but with more blocks, but generally were OK. I ran them in Spain in October too.

    Now I have Blue Groove Nevegal DH combo. 2.7 up front and 2.5 at the rear. I rode them at Nevis earlier in the week (with tubes in) and they were supper grippy, but the 2.7 is HUGE. I have a 2.5 Blue Groove too, so I’m not sure what to do. I have no issue with the Nevegal, as I think they’re fantastic.

    It’s always a trade off between weight, grip, and puncture resistance. For BC riding I really think DH casings are the way to go, but is 2.7″ too big considering there’s about 1900m of climbing on the Seven Summits IIRC?

    Any recommendations?


    2.35 or 2.5 High Rollers or Minions.

    I might try the 2.5 Blue Groove on the front.

    I’ve got a feeling that there will be slower riders than me in the group, and hauling a big tyre will only make me stronger, so why worry? I’ve got it in me…I hope…


    run what you brung – still 5 weeks in BC, afterall!

    Down here, it’s winter, had to scrape ice off the windscreen this morning and the trails are ‘a bit mosit’…know where I’d rather be regardless of the tires I had on!

    Can you not pick up something else over there if you’r worried? surely one of the online places can ship to a hotel etc if you really feel the need to swap them around…


    If you like the Nevegal, get hold of the Nevegal 2.5FR. Its wire beaded with butyl inserts to firm things up as its not got the full protection of a 2 ply DH casing. Kenda part #212199

    I run these on my DH bike.. no flats yet and they spin up waaay better than the 2.5 nevegal DH casing that I used previously. plus you’ll save over 700g vs the 2.7/2.5 you have

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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