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  • Dorset_Knob

    47. Looking at BMX bikes.

    Also getting back into mountainbiking, the gym, and fitness generally, after 10 years of domestic distraction bliss.

    Luckily, Mrs Knob is fully into it, describes me as a ‘mountainbiker’ not by job title, etc, so it’s not really a crisis I suppose.

    I see it more as a return of self — and that can only be good?

    (Mind you, I haven’t really hit the peak of riding/kit/training OCD that I know is inside.)


    … this sounds good too, though, lol:

    sack off my job, divorce my wife and live in a van. I shall ride bikes, play the banjo, learn to climb, learn to fish, and shall wake up in a bivvy bag on top of a hill most mornings during the summer season.

    Premier Icon stilltortoise

    My friends and family will say I had my MLC a few years ago when I bought an Elise. I’d always wanted one (an Elise, not a MLC) but it lasted only 2 months before it got in a fight with a drystone wall…and lost.

    Replaced it with a Boxster which lasted 18 months before (sadly) selling it. That was THE best car I’ve ever owned by a mile and I still miss it 2 years after getting rid of it.

    Premier Icon miketually

    Apparently suggesting that a car was better than an affair didn’t soften the blow quite as well as I’d expected.

    I still haven’t got around to learning to drive, so I’ll just have to have an affair.


    I think I’m too old for one now.

    Fast cars: got that out of my system in my twenties
    Give up work: did that years ago
    Mistress: if I couldn’t find a better one than Madame when I wasn’t grey and wrinkly what hope have I got now?
    Live in a van: did that, it was a life of cold and condensation as I remember.
    Extreme sports: did lots of those but no longer have the strength, reflexes or desire unless ski mountaineering counts
    Ironman etc: done
    Bivvy bags on hills: I prefer a tent with Madame
    Play banjo: I prefer a Telecaster.
    Ride bikes: did the Aubisque yesterday
    Get a six pack: have always had one
    Travel to exotic places: right here is the best place I’ve ever been which is why I’m here
    Walk to Compostelle: done that a couple of times

    So in the absence of anything to inspire a crisis I’ll continue on my merry way till the reaper gets me.

    Premier Icon aracer

    I don’t see a unicycle in that list…


    Unicycle forwards, backwards, juggling on the spot, spinning around (edit: started in 1983). Next?

    Premier Icon totalshell

    well 52 and i think midlife must have passed me by.. i ve always had toys.. cars bikes push bikes .. enjoyed the day at gisburn hub with my 9 and 12 year old daughters today still competing and winning at motorcycle trials and classic car trials and i ve had a stroke two heart attacks and have had open heart surgery.. is there something i ve missed out on..

    Repack Rider

    I’ll be 70 in a few months. I never came close to any kind of MLC.

    I got everything anyone could have asked for and I’m still getting it. I was a rock band roadie and a bike bum for long time before I got married, so I partied hearty. After that, I’m happy with the way my family turned out.

    Is there something I missed?

    Premier Icon stewartc

    I got married and moved to Asia, binned or sold everything I had (bar the house) and turned up in HK with 2 suitcases of cloths, around 2k GBP in the bank and a vague promise of a job.

    old donald

    50 this year – dont really feel like a MLC has arrived yet Mrs Old donald may disagree – standing in the pissing rain waiting for me to finish the Outlaw iron man – a respectable 12 hours and 16 for me. So I guess its tri – not really into cars – have 6 decent bikes – will upgrade as money allows and can now afford a decent coffee and beer in moderation.

    Who wouldn’t like to do the Great Divide though ?? Hmmmmm MLC coming on……


    39 this year. But currently breaking and selling off my ‘MLC’; highly modified car project.

    I was spending was too much time (and money) on it and a new job has also meant less time at home anyway. So now I’m going to focus spending more energy and cash on those ‘toys’ and projects that involve the kids and my very patient wife (biking, camping, learning new muscial instruments etc).

Viewing 12 posts - 81 through 92 (of 92 total)

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