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    In a nutshell – yes.

    There’s the occasional program mine doesn’t like such as silverlight but 99% of “normal” stuff just works perfectly. As I said on the other thread don’t expect to be video editing or anything fancy and you’ll be laughing.

    Wife is after a new laptop to help with some course that she’s doing. I was considering letting her use my macbook pro and getting a chromebook for myself.

    This would be by far the cheapest option, and would allow me to upgrade/fix my bikes.

    Would a chromebook allow me to pester folk on here, stream movies etc, play music and all of that kind of stuff?

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    hello Anne, long time. Hope you’re well!

    George, someone asked the same thing only just today:

    Silverlight wont work, but then I dont like using sites that use silverlight anyway. Flash is supported to some degree. No Java, but then that’s A GOOD THING!

    I think you’ll quite happily maintain your trolling prowess with one. 😉


    if my asus eeepc 701 manages fine (admttedly runnng a very stripped out linux set up) then a chromebook will be fine.

    although i use it for watching movies on planes and surfing the net when im in parts of the world i wouldnt take my ipad for fear of having it taxed.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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