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  • Tell me about Budapest, please.
  • Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Thinking of going on a long weekend there, maybe spring next year.

    Any recommendations, things to see, do, hotels to stay at and so on.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    go to the baths at the gellert

    Gellert hotel for a soak in the Spa, ideally after a heavy night on the beers.

    Went with a mate who used to be a tour guide so managed to fill the time just walking round and having lazy meals (and plenty of beer).

    Avoid the red light district unless you like being hassled by pimps.

    Antique shops are great if you like anything soviet (cameras, toys, guns!)

    Premier Icon kilo

    baths are good, we went to the Lukacs Baths. We stayed slightly out of town at a cheaper hotel and got a tube in which worked well. Ended up going to the ballet at the state opera house, not my cup of tea but was very cheap and Mrs kilo enjoyed it. Nice town.


    Superb city for a weekend break, been twice. Indoor market, castle, St Stephens basilica, the island in the river with the big park on who’s name I can’t remember, fisherman’s bastion, coffee houses, great restaurants and bars. It’s ace.

    Last time we got a Jet2 flight and hotel deal (from Manc). Stayed at the Hotel Central Basilica, right in the middle of the bit you want to be in, and it was really good value.


    I went a few years ago, really enjoyed it; wanted to go here but failed:


    Exceedingly boring. Too many smokers. People dress as poorly as in the UK.

    Go to Singapore instead. Much more fun.


    Gelert baths worth a visit (I stayed in the hotel, but wasn’t too impressed with that)

    The memento park is awesome.

    Eat some goulash too, obviously.

    Premier Icon white101

    Loved it. Both sides of the river were wonderful. Try a walk round st.margarets island. The parliament is a fantastic building. Was pretty good value as well, but that was 2005!


    Only been on business, but had a look around. I found the buda side of the river more interesting, much more restored buildings, some oustanding. I didn’t get a chance to go to the Soviet memorial in pest which is supposed to be interesting.. easy to pick up Hookers if your that way inclined, some were stunning…


    one of my favourite cities. have a walk around the hill with the castle thing on it. if you are feeling flush there is a hotel adjoining the castle. a hilton i think. pretty goood. i stayed there once with work


    Another vote for the Gellert baths. I always stay at the hotel but it needs a refurb rather badly. While you’re walking around town be sure to look around the old Gresham insurance building on the opposite bank, it’s now a Four Seasons hotel but is an amazing place.

    Premier Icon tommyhine

    I went in may for a long weekend. Had a really nice time.
    My faves were,

    The labyrinth under the castle, really good.
    The train that runs up the hill very classic
    The pastries
    Gellert baths were great.
    Margaret park on a hire bike was fun

    Not so good,
    River cruise

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Go to the Great market hall near the Liberty Bridge googlemaplinkythingy

    Go to the upper floor and find a small cafe/bar grab a coffee and a pastry and watch the world. Oh and buy some bread cheese and paprikas for lunch :mrgreen:

    Premier Icon totalshell

    lived there for three years.. get something city centre.. go in winter not spring snow everywhere winter markets danube frozen solid icebergs the size of detached houses.. great winter destination.. red hot in summer ladies like to wear very short skirts… on second thoughts i m going back..


    how is the stray dog count in budapest/hungary?

    really spoiled cycling in bucurest…


    We had our honeymoon there 8 yrs ago – mid December so coldish.

    For half of it we stayed in the Gellert Hotel, lovely views over the river, and the baths (still not 100% sure that the correct etiquette for the massages was completely naked, but the giant masseur didn’t seem phased 😕 )

    Second half was at the Art’otel, with even better views across the Danube, and a lovely hotel.

    We enjoyed the market, the Parliament, Gundels restaurant (7 courses, don’t mind if I do), the quaint tube system, and just walking round the city.


    We did the baths.

    Thought you had to go in naked.

    You don’t.

    In fact no one else was naked. Not embarrassing at all.


    Great city. Good boozing and dancing in derelict buildings which turn into clubs at night. Gelert baths are fantastic. Big palace-on-a-hill thingy on the same side as Gelert is great. Good city for just wondering around and exploring, and it’s easy to escape the tourist crowds who are generally confined to one area. Was cheap when we were there, and luckily we avoided the stag dos. Only minor let-downs were the food and weather. Best grub was kebabs from turkish takeaways, although I enjoyed a posh meal out which gave me a chance to sample foi gras, albeit slightly guilty. As with everywhere in the world, get off the main tourist drags and into the more residential areas.


    Oh, and a cracking Christmas market. (Possibly a seasonal feature)


    Are you going with wife, partner etc?. If so take some dark glasses.


    Hotel Mercure is nice and in a great location. Lovely city.

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