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  • Tell me about Android tablets, and any bargains out there?
  • chakaping
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    Kids iPads are getting a bit flakey.

    They don’t really need Apple stuff any more, and I don’t think I can afford to replace like for like now.

    So what should I be looking at in terms of Android tablets?

    About 10inch with loads of memory and works smoothly, mainly for YouTube, Roblox and art apps.

    Thanks in advance.

    Whatever Samsung fits your budget, but then I’m firmly camped in the Samsung tech bubble

    But, how old are the kids and how tough/trendy do the tablets need to be?

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    How old are they?

    Much as I hate the Amazon ecosystem, there is a lot to be said for a kids kindle for youngsters.

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    Lenovo are decent bang for buck.

    I love my Huawei, but it’s a pre-Google ban one. Wouldn’t get one now.

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    Sorry they are 14 and 9.

    Both can be clumsy but will get tough cases for them.

    The iPads are pretty old so I hope midrange Android tablets will seem just as good now.

    Bit nervous about Amazon devices, are they not on their own OS?

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    I’m no expert on the Fire HD’s etc but I’m pretty sure that most stuff can be side loaded onto them.

    That said, it’s not a true android experience as it were but value for money wise they are very good imo.

    For proper android tabs there’s Samsung and I’ve had good experiences with ASUS and Lenovo tablets too.

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    8″ Lenovo here, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, 64GB SD card. 2017 model but works fine. Updates stopped coming early 2019, so it’s on Android 8 and not up to date on security patches, but just keeps going!

    From what i’ve seen, most of the “branded” tablets (samsung, lenovo…) work well and will keep going for ages if you buy a decent spec, but the software will fall behind, much like a 2-3 yr old android phone.

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    Nokia? Light on memory but isn’t everything just streamed.

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    Amazon ones are their own flavour of Android, with their own “kid safe” app store. You can side load more apps on easily enough if needed though.
    Not sure how well suited they are for older kids, our 8 yr old loves hers, and whats included in the prime kids subscription is quite good to (so I’m told).

    I don’t know your kids and maybe they are appreciative of anything they are given – however, having a (now 22yr old) daughter, I’m 99% certain they won’t be impressed if you get them a Kindle

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    I bought a fire as a stop gap and the gap ended up being a week. Slow and clunky as. I would imaging sideloading stuff on wouldn’t improve that at all.

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    The current basic iPad (gen 9) are £330 in the current Apple Black Friday event.
    Just saying. 😀

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    Currys have a good deal at the moment, their Samsung S8 tablets are reduced, plus you can get £200 off if you trade in any tablet. I used one of the original Amazon fire tablets that had been sat in a drawer for years. They didn’t even check if it turned on. Trade-in at the store and they email you a voucher.

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    Thanks folks.

    After a bit of trawling I’m currently favouring the Samsung A8 at £160.

    Anyone got one of them?

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