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  • Swinley or somewhere else between M3 and east midlands?
  • Premier Icon iain1775

    Mprning work meeting in Fleet next Tuesday so thinking of taking bike and riding somewhere on way back
    I’ve heard Swinley is suffering a bit at the mo, is it still worth it (never been, don’t know my way around)?
    Or somewhere else
    I can go back to M40 via either Newbury/Oxford or Bracknell/Maidenhead/High Wycombe
    Not after anything epic, just a spin out for an hour or two


    Not ridden Swinley for a while but it’s generally a mixed bag after heavy rain. The maintained trails for the most part drain very well but elsewhere it can get pretty boggy. If you don’t know your way around you’ll need more than an hour, 2-3 would be better.

    If it’s just a short spin you’re after and you’re in Fleet anyway, nip over the back. There’s a load of MOD land there with a fair bit of riding and it’s harder to get lost. No fixed trails as such, and not loads of singletrack, but it’s a nice spot.

    Not sure if this link to google maps will come out….

    View Larger Map

    Edit to add: I was out in Fleet on Sunday morning and it’s mixed also but OK for the most part.


    Not worth doing Swinley at moment.

    With work going on and the conditions.

    Premier Icon deadkenny

    Most the main trails are closed at Swinley to build the new trails. You can still have fun but you’d have to know where the good stuff is, and of course it will be muddy.

    Though you can just wonder around for an explore. *Please please please* – KEEP OFF the new trails however. Way too many are riding them and they’ve been messed up enough that they’ve admitted they’ll have to rework them at extra cost. Thanks selfish people 🙁

    Fleet though – yeah as in that map. Caesar’s Camp as it’s known. Nice spot. Wonder around and you’ll eventually find the stuff but you need to explore a fair way and get stuck into the wooded areas to find the singletrack. Fun place though and been holding up better with the weather compared to Swinley.


    I forgot about the work at Swinley. Shame folks have been riding it anyway, eejits.

    Caesars Camp is over the bottom right of that map. The army tend to use it for driving vehicles up steep hills I think. There are a couple of OK bits there but I tend to avoid it and stick more to the woods round Beaconhill Copse, across to the high lookout point (can see for miles on a clear day – Wembley arch, canary wharf, etc), and up to Bourley Road.

    Shame it’s a weekday or I’d join you OP.


    The Chilterns around the M40 J5 are very sticky with mud, very little fun in my opinion.

    Hopefully we will get some frost this weekend !


    Fultness woods just off the a404 between the m40 and m4 has some good downhill trails and steep climbs. Not sure on conditions though.

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