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  • Swapping SS to Alfine 8 – how much faff?
  • Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    I’ve got an SS-specific Inbred 29er (track ends, no cable guides) and I’m thinking of building up a spare wheel with an Alfine hub so I can run gears for bikepacking etc.

    Just wondering how easy it is to set up the Alfine. Is it just a case of adding the shifter and swapping the wheels over or would it mean hours messing about with cable tension and spacers, etc?

    Premier Icon nuke

    Its not too bad…line up some yellow dots, get the length of cable correct from Alfine cable guide to Alfine cable nut. Can be fiddly getting the wheel in, chain on and cable attached which is why I run tubeless…the thought of changing a tube in the mud & cold with an Alfine is too grim to bear. The rest is the same basic faff as SS…gearing choice, chaintugs, chain length etc.

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I run my Fortitude Adventure with a SS/Alfine rear wheel.

    Its no faff at all switching between the two.

    The only time consuming bit (for me) is the cutting off of the zip ties for the gear cable.

    I don’t even disconnect the cable.

    Slide grip off
    Slide brake lever off
    Slide shifter off
    Cut/remove cable zip ties/cir clips for the shifter cable.
    Remove rear wheel

    The only “thing” I found is that there needed to be some fine tuning with the placement of the SS rear cog.

    Simple enough really.


    As above, no need to disconnect the cable and shifter. It all comes off in one go. My frame has cable mounts so instead of zip ties, I use the proper cable clips. A fine bladed screwdriver twists them off and they can be reused.

    Lock-on grips are probably the only pre-requisite.

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Sounds good. Thanks for the replies.

    I’m running a 1/8 SS chain. Anyone tried this with the Alfine sprocket? Any clearance issues?

    And what size sprocket to work with a 32t ring for heavily loaded off-road duties on a 29er?

    Premier Icon letmetalktomark

    I currently run 29×18 but I find that too low so will be going 32×18 for the Alfine and 32×16 for SS.

    32×20 would be a good start IMHO.


    the thought of changing a tube in the mud & cold with an Alfine is too grim to bear

    I was introduced to this on a ride this weekend with 2 pinch flats within 200 yards. Gutted as I was hoping to avoid this by running quite high pressure in the rear. 2nd pinch flat was my fault due to not pumping hard enough with my mini pump and then launching off a 2-footer. I could almost hear the hiss before I landed – doh.

    1st tyre change was a faff but second I actually beat another group rider on regular gears who helpfully punctured at the same time. So its not too hard when you get the hang of it.

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