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  • Supra freehub servicing. HELP!
  • Premier Icon cheeezzy24
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    Only ever done Hope and can’t find any info on Supra. How do I re-grease this??!! Thanks

    Premier Icon coatesy
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    Though you probably can take it apart, and hopefully re-assemble it after, they aren’t designed to be servicable, just throw away and replace.

    Premier Icon jonk
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    Looks like a formula hub which needs the whole freehub replacing and that is if you can find one. I had a similar story on my boardman bike and i ended up rebuilding the wheel onto a better hub.

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    Yup. You don’t re grease it, in theory….
    Some ‘sealed’ free hubs have a dust seal on the back which you can pop off and get some grease in there, but it’s only a patch-up job.
    Just get a new one, basically.

    Premier Icon tillydog
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    If you’re bored / desparate, make one of these:

    and use it to undo the silver bearing cup that you can see in your photo (I **think** it is a normal RH thread – probably very tight).

    The free-hub than comes apart. There are *lots* of little ball bearings inside.

    Make sure you don’t lose the shims that set the preload / clearances of the freehub bearings.

    Premier Icon cheeezzy24
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    Thanks for the replies. Hmmmm!

    Premier Icon lunge
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    I have a Supra wheel set. The free hub does come off the hub, you just pull it away once you’ve undone all the axle assembly (which I think you have). You can then grease the pawls and put it back. Not sure if this will fix what you want it to but it’s worth knowing. Or you can just do what I did which was wait until the hub body cracked and get Merlin to for an entire new hub…

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