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  • STW plumbing – Wall hung WC frame or concealed cistern
  • highpeakrider
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    Im planning a bathroom reverb.
    Thinking of having a wall hung WC building a wood frame which will have backer board and tiled.
    The plan is to have a quartz shelf made which could be removed if required.

    Was going to go for a Geberit or VitrA frame, but then I was thinking I could build a sturdy frame for hanging the WC then install a concealed cistern.

    Any knowledge of these things and what would you do?

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    Buy a frame, they aren’t that expensive and the geberit ones often come bundled with a cistern and flushplate. They also have the studs for mounting the wall hung pan in the exact right spot.

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    I’ve installed one – the tricky bit was working out how to get the waste connector go through 2x 90 degree bends to get to the soil stack. A wall-mounted WC also gives the perception of more space in a small room, plus you don’t have the problem of doing the flooring.
    I managed to drill through one of the water pipes feeding the shower which was buried in the other side of the block wall – the sudden drop in pressure activated the pump which then blasted me with water at high pressure – I was stood there trying to plug the hole shouting at Mrs DB to turn off the water!

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    When we did our bathroom the wife was adamant she wanted a wall hung toilet. We went with a frame that bolts into the wall and we tiled it in. Looks ace and hasn’t moved at all.

    Next door did something similar with no frame and mounted the toilet to the wall directly (assume their fitter reinforced the wall / whatever) and it’s sagged a few times away from the wall.

    So I’d go with the sturdiest off the shelf frame you can buy and mount it as firmly as you can.

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    Geberit owner here – was so sceptical that I have a lot of spare tiles.

    However it has been impecible and does give the room a bigger appearance. Easier to clean under (apparently).

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    If you want a wall hung pan, don’t try and make a support, just buy a Geberit frame and flush plate. They’re the best IMO. Fitted at least 50
    With no problems.

    If not get a floor mounted pan with a concealed Geberit cistern and flush plate, all the internal parts come through the flush plate for replacement or servicing.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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