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  • Stupid Rockshox travel adjust question.
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    My neighbour has a 2016 Sektor Solo Air 150mm, he wants to reduce travel to 140mm he has:

    1) Part no 11.4018.010.044 SpringINT LFT SKTR 262729 140 Solo Air which is air shaft and load of seals n gubbins.

    And in my box of randoms I have:

    2) Part no 11.4015.450.000 ALL TRAVEL SPACER KIT (ALL FORKS 2010) which is a bag of 10mm and 20mm spacers.

    I reckon he can use one of the 10mm the spacers from 2) to just reduce the travel, there are video instruction everywhere. You put it on the air shaft. Apparently all forks except reba sid and something else.

    The kit in 1) Has a 10mm spacer in it exactly like one of the spacers in 2). So I think the 140mm kit is just a 150mm shaft with a spacer?

    Am I making sense?

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    Am I making sense?

    Umm, maybe.. are you suggesting that he uses one of your spacers on his existing shaft (fnar!) rather than replacing it all with the purchased item (1)?

    If so, can you just remove the original shaft and compare it to the purchased one?

    The service manual does seem to suggest as such..

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    I think on that form you can add one 10mm spacer to take it to 140mm or 2 x 10mm to take it to 130mm. Those are the only 3 lengths that air shaft will do. Any lower needs a different air shaft.

    That assumes the below manual is the correct one for your mate’s fork:

    I reduced a 140mm recon to 130mm for my nephew’s new bike I built with some old all travel spacers a mate had lying around.

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    It used to be possible to reduce travel on RS forks with those spacers, but at some point they changed design and you needed a different air spring/shaft from then on. I’d have thought 2016 forks fell into the latter category, but best way to check is get the old air spring out and compare.

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    Yeah just wanted to save him the 65 quid he had spent on the airspring kit as it looked as though it had a 10mm spacer. He can send the kit back.

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