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  • Straight pull spokes?

    Right, roadie question i will admit but hopefully someone might be able to answer it.

    Ive got a Zipp rear hub which i want to build onto my American Classic rim but i cant find anywhere that stocks the Straight Pull spokes the hub needs. Does anyone know a shop that stocks (or might be able to get) some spokes to suit? who even makes SP spokes these days?


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    You'll be lucky!

    You can get straight pull Sapim CX-Rays, but I don't think they're imported, may have to go to Europe. Try someone like Starbike.


    hmm, Hope are using SP spokes now so they must be available, tho i imagine Hope get stocks direct from DT-seiss (before they go through the process to turn them into j-bend spokes).

    I wonder if i could reverse engineer (with a big hammer) a set of DT revs :0)


    Hope are 268mm if they're any use to you, think they're Sapim not DT if I remember rightly.

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