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  • SRAM XX1 / X01 chainring bolts
  • without having the bike to hand, im just wondering, do the xx1/x01 chainring bolts have a backing to screw into? or are they literally just a bolt on their own??

    just ive tried tightening mine up but they just keep spinning (they are’nt proper loose but brand new they didnt move at all once tigthened, as in they were tight locked in place), now if you go to tighten them up they just seem to spin

    do i need to tighten up via putting a tool in the back of a plate or is it literally just the bolt on the new style x01/xx1 cranks

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    there are 3 cranks there, XX1, XO1 and XO1 OEM as I understand it, the XO1 oem I think has normal bolts.


    they bolt into the chainring

    carbon x01 ones

    cheers dirtyrider, do yours lock into place? i could have sworn when i first had the cranks with ring on once the bolts were tight they didnt move, now it appears they just spin even when tightening?

    i also thought that they had no backing plate to screw into, so just literally screw into the chainring itself

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    The XX1 ones definitely screw into the ring, and don’t move.

    hmmmm thats interesting then why on earth would mine have suddenly started to spin when tightening? not just one of them all 4!

    wonder if its coincedental ive suddenly acquired a strange clicking/pinging type noise under load?!

    i’d assume x01 / xx1 will be the same with them basically being the same crank

    its not some weird type of star hex is it? maybe its just spinning as im using a standard hex?

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    The spider and ring are different, so may be a dangerous assumption, but seems fairly unlikely it’s different. Spinning sounds bad!


    My XX1 are torx as far as i can remember. Something like a T40.

    ill try take a look at them before riding tomoz then, spinning could be the cause of my current clicking/pinging noise i guess

    i thought they may be torx too, but i defo tried with a normal allen key and although it purcahsed the nut it had no intention of tightening to a locked position, im sure when i had them fitted by LBS i tested them as soon as receiving them to make sure they were tightened up and i couldnt budge them at all!


    The chaingring bolts should be 8-9nm as well.

    cheers just looked on srams site and it states the x01 carbon ones use 6mm hex bolts

    still could have sworn they were tight tight when i first had them, will take them out and see whats going on then, perhaps add a bit of grease or similar


    As you can see in direct comparison, the XX1 ‘s spider (left) is much more machined out and has some directional taps to better distribute pedaling forces, while the X01 is pretty much a standard spider. The other difference is that the XX1 has threaded chain rings that can be mounted with only the male part of the chain ring bolts, while X01 goes for a more standard and possibly more elaborate mounting with two piece bolts. Note: The alloy X01 cranks as sometimes seen on complete bikes will not be available as aftermarket products.

    hmmm cheers messiah, that does suggest its a two piece bolt system indeed, could explain why its just spinning then, i obviously need to put something in the back to hold it in place whilst i tighten the hex up

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    OW, what do you have X01 or XX1. Im sure my X01 is a 2 piece bolt, the same as my shimano’s were. I have a wee tool in my box specifically for this but anything that fits will do.

    Cheers mac

    X01 I’ve just had a quick look your right it’s a two piece, but it uses a larger 7 or 8mm hex backing so you can easily tighten them and undo not like on normal two piece where you have that nye on useless slotted back piece

    Undone and greased and tightened back up as much as I could do

    Cheers guys for the help


    X01 are 2 piece.

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