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  • Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day One
  • amandawishart
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    This 17 day series of Amanda’s first ever multiday bikepacking trip is exclusively available to Singletrack World Members. It gets more scenic as the …

    By amandawishart

    Get the full story here:

    Spanish Bikepacking Diary: Day One

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    Fair play to you both; that sounds like a hell of an undertaking. I’m looking forward to the rest of the adventure, not least to see where you get giant cardboard boxes in Malaga.

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    Brilliant read,thanks.

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    That’s some meaty distance and climbing!

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    Great read, looking forward to the next instalment

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    That’s ace. Can’t wait to read more.

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    I saw some photos on Instagram of this trip and I’m glad we are not getting the write up. Loved the description of Your bloke using his engineering skills to plan everything in detail

    27 years ago, at Eastet, 4 of us set off from Malaga airport. To be fair we just to be back their 14 days later but we had no other plan.

    At the end of day 1 we were exhausted despite having only covered 60 km. We had noticed quite a bit of up add down. Only after we got home did we realise that we had crossed a 2000m pass. I hate to think what the total ascent was

    Like you we did had a top engineer on hand. Fourth in his year at Cambridge for engineering. Now an engineering professor at Oxford university and in charge of the countries quantum computer project. His planning contribution? After a week he had a really long look at the map and said “Spain is a Bo**ocks big country”.

    I can’t wait for part 2

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    FYI If you’re after an isotonic/electrolyte drink you’ll find ‘Aquarius’ pretty much everywhere and it’s nice to grab a 1.5 out of the nearest petrol stations fridge on a hot day and they do various flavours.

    (Sneaky edit as your all done 🙂 )

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    Scrub that, didn’t see it happened in Feb.

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    Great read, I do love a good touring thread.

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    You’re gonna need them boxes when you get to the airport home…….great read btw.

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    And yes, those caterpillars are poisonous. And quite dangerous if you have a dog. They’re also a plague here in Madrid and are causing serious problems to the pine trees. Horrible things!

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    The caterpillars become quite prominent as we get deeper into the countryside. Horrible things indeed!

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