Snowdon Miners Track – what’s the surface like?

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  • Snowdon Miners Track – what’s the surface like?
  • Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Any one been up the miners track recently?

    After a bit of advise regarding the surface.

    A few reviews mention it’s like an in surfaced road – from pictures looks like hard packed gravel.

    Want to try and get the wife up as far as I can, she’s in a wheelchair but have taken her loads of places that aren’t particularly accessible.

    Would like to know how far up the ‘decent’ surface goes, appreciate it won’t be hugely far but would like an idea before we attempt it.



    all the way to the lake should be doable assuming its an offroad wheelchair – ie it is a hard packed gravel road/wide path  to there,354530&st=4&ar=y&mapp=idld.srf&searchp=ids.srf&dn=794&ax=262890&ay=354530&lm=0

    Parking is a nightmare though so you either need to stay at the youth hostel or get up very very early

    From the PYG car park there is a kissing gate or stile, i cant remember. The surface isnt tarmac but it is like a compacted gravel unsealed road. I feel it would be ok for a big wheeled chair. It is a couple of miles before its too tough and full of steps/rocks to get a wheelchair up.

    When are you doing this? I live locally and if you need a pair of pushing hands, then my details are in my profile.


    Premier Icon chrisdw

    Mountain rescue can get the landrovers upto the lake really easy so theres definitely a big gate. Its all hard packed gravel to just the other side of the lake.

    Llanberis Tourist Information or the National Park should be able to give you precise details.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Thanks all – much appreciated.

    Will make sure we get there early .

    HooeHopef going in the next couple of weeks.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Taxi from the bottom (old Llanberris) car park didn’t cost anymore than the bus for us couple of weeks back, if you want to avoid the bun fight at Pen Y Pass (though maybe its better outside school holidays).

    Premier Icon aracer

    I’ve ridden a 26″ wheel unicycle up to the lakes and back (though that was a couple of years ago), if that helps at all!

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Bit of a bump/update on this.

    Finally managed to get round to going and giving this ago today with the wife and the dog.

    Didn’t get there until just after 11:00 because of dropping the kids at school. As predicted Pen-Y-Pass car park was rammed, so we went down to the park & ride and chanced upon a taxi we shared with 4 other walkers as the next bus was 45 minutes wait.

    Took it nice and steady and apart from a couple of areas where the path has been repaired with larger rocks/gravel she managed it fairly well under her own steam.

    Couldn’t have asked for better weather – stunning views and friendly walkers.

    Thanks for all the help/info previously provided – much appreciated.

    A very happy wife and a very tired dog 😄

    Premier Icon beagle
    Premier Icon timbog160

    Nice one!  Looks like a grand day out.


    Liked 😀

    This thread needs bookmarking for the next “sanitised trails” thread.


    This thread needs bookmarking for the next “sanitised trails” thread.


    Nice one Mr and Mrs Dirkpitt.

    Good stuff!

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    Thanks all.

    She hasn’t stopped smiling all evening, she’s got sore shoulders from doing pretty much all of the up hills on her own. She was determined to do it with minimal help.

    All we need now if for the train to get us to the top and not be cancelled like the 4 other times we’ve tried lol.

    Would love to get here a Mountain Trike like Martyn Ashton’s to make things a bit easier, but slightly out of budget.

    Premier Icon ticsmon

    The pics put a smile on my face. Looks like you both really enjoyed it and the weather played it’s part.

    Love it. Great photos and weather conditions!

    Premier Icon scc999

    That’s awesome!

    Really has put a smile on my face.


    Premier Icon slowoldman

    I had no  idea the Miners Track had been done up – I haven’t been that way for years. I applaud it. There is plenty of mountain beyond the lake and there’s the PYG track for those who want something rougher, so why not?

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Great pictures!  Looks like a good day out!

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