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  • 'Smart' turbo or power meter?
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    Power meter is a constant measure ie can use all year round in the real world and can use same figures to work off. Smart turbo is great in that you don’t have to think about matching efforts it does it for you and doesn’t let you slack off.
    I’ve got both and if I had to have only one it would the power meter as not overly happy with smart turbo accuracy and power meter is more useful year round. Sometimes I use the power meter to control the kickr for accuracy.


    The British Summer got me thinking of winter training already. I presently own a standard turbo and set of rollers, but interested in having a go on the online training apps; Zwift etc.
    I already have the speed/cadence/HR sensors, but hear that the online apps ideally need a power meter of some sort.

    The dilemma I have is, do I get a power meter, and use what equipment I presently have for Zwift etc, or get a dedicated ‘smart’ turbo?

    At moment I am torn between similar priced Garmin vector pedals and a Kickr Snap turbo.
    I chose pedal type power meter because they can be swapped between bikes, and chose the Kickr Snap because it adjusts resistance/power to VR inclines etc.

    Anybody have any suggestions or thoughts I may have overlooked?



    Thanks – leaning more towards power meter now.


    Start with power meter. You can always get something like a Tacx Vortex Smart later (Kickr Snap is crazily overpriced) and have the power control the resistance for Zwift.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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