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  • Small things that have cheered you up slightly today
  • Premier Icon slowoldgit

    All nurses are a bit rude. fact.

    Not when you’re my age with a slightly dodgy heart, mostly they daren’t take risks.

    Premier Icon nwmlarge

    XT cassette and ZEE shifter arrived, can’t wait to complete my 1 x 10 set up 🙂

    Premier Icon molgrips

    My daughter opening the lid of an opaque water container, peering inside and excitedly saying ‘Oh wow, it’s really dark in there!’

    Last night leaving work, noticed an Angry Birds soft toy lying on road. This morning it wasn’t there, someone had brought it into office. Going to get tea I noticed a boy of about 3 and him mum looking under all the cars patked outside work. Went out and asked if they were looking for a soft toy, sure enough they were, they boy wasn’t wanting to go to nursery until he found it. He’d only got it last week.

    Great to see his face light up once he saw his toy.

    Ying and Yang – also found out a work colleague who is only 41 passed away today after a battle with cancer.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    Last night I won a bicycle race. After 20 years I finally got a win!! 😀 8) 😛 😀

    Was the Plymouth summer series cycle-cross, final round. I only won because the start was handicapped with slower riders getting a head start. Also possibly some of the really fast lads (Dexter H) were at home saving themselves. Still I overtook most of the field and didn’t get caught by anyone in the fastest group, winning my category (senior), winning my start group (2nd fastest lot), and coming 2nd overall to a vet who started in the 3rd fastest group.


    Seeing a bedraggled buzzard sat in a tree drying out after a downpour wings half stretched out looking very very pissed off.

    Saw one gliding through the trees with something with a tail dangling from its talons at Cannock last night. That made me smile.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Buying a pack of six pitta breads and finding seven inside.

    Then they lasted a day longer than the expiry date. Rather than going mouldy early like usual.


    Premier Icon footflaps

    I got a really good price on some pine floorboards at the local builder’s merchants this morning. All cut to length and not charged for the offcuts either….


    A lovely elderly patient (who had just returned from major surgery) giving me the thumbs up, and telling me: “I like this hotel.”

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    My 3yr old asking me is my bike bad.

    Watching Gwin’s and Ratboy’s amazing runs from the weekend’s DH action.

    Well done to Ratboy 🙂


    Walking out of work knowing I’m not going back.

Viewing 13 posts - 81 through 93 (of 93 total)

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