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  • Slagging off colleagues on FB – company problem or not
  • 5thElefant

    As a general guideline, under no circumstances should an adult use facebook.

    This kind of thing is just one of the many reasons you shouldn’t be FB friends with colleagues or generation-removed family 🙂

    Premier Icon dmorts

    It’s a company problem

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    All into a room and a slap and grow the expletive up.
    Facebook on work times can be considered slacking off so fling a warning at all involved.

    Premier Icon binners

    Are you sure you’re not talking about school? Are they 12?

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Unprofessional behaviour on company time, I’d suggest that that’s “misconduct”.


    under no circumstances should an adult use facebook.

    Oh ok I will say goodbye to friends from all over the world and resort to not knowing anyone from out side the parish.

    Get them in a room as Mike said and sort it out or big boxing gloves.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Stick em in a ring with some gloves on.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Didn’t work out well for a previous forum member on here.

    Well if you count as moving to the Alps, becoming a MTB guide, falling in love with someone, getting married having a kid, taking on a more secure job and living in Geneva as bad.


    Company problem. If he has an issue then HR it is.


    Company needs to deal with it but tbh IME you cannot make two childish folk who hate each other to act like grownups.
    I would remind the person doing the posts about the company image, ask them to stop and say it will be escalated if it continues
    I would also ask them to act professionally at all times

    IME this did not work and one ended up getting sacked and the other left as we did not take their side


    Written warning. Statement to the effect of “you will stop shitting in my workplace, one way or another”

    I had this with two trainees I was supervising on the Future Jobs Fund in a previous workplace.

    The place I worked for didn’t have a social media/acceptable use policy. I made sure HR drafted one pretty quick after that – OP, I don’t know if the workplace concerned has a policy to refer to? If they have breached a policy, then the company can decide whether to impose disciplinary action (or at least threaten it if the behaviour continues).

    Most workplaces block access to social media on company equipment for this reason, but most people have smartphones now so they can still get on there during work hours.

    In my case I had a quiet word with the two concerned – because there were no names mentioned, there was no absolute proof that they were slagging each other off, but it was pretty obvious. I just discussed their ideas of professional behaviour with them and why what you put on social media isn’t always your own private business – the comments they both wrote were making others in the workplace feel uncomfortable, so it became my business as their manager to address it. Worked for 18 year olds in their first job, but not sure if it would for older adults – if they are still doing that sort of thing and they are over 25, they might need to be told to grow up!!!


    We have a not posting on facebook during the working day policy, unless on your lunch break, people do get spotted posting outside of there lunch time and the boss has a chat with them.
    I suspect if someone was to air there dirty work laundry online then it would be bye bye time.


    Yup, misuse of company time, a written warning should do the trick. Although he’s obviously a bit thick as it almost cost him his job last time.

    Premier Icon MSP

    If you had to defend any company disciplinary action, in court or arbitration, do you think you could?

    Way to weak a case for the company to get involved IMO.


    A mate (no really, it’s not actually me) asked my opinion about a problem he has at work. Two people who work for him don’t get on and they had a big barney a year ago where one was lucky that his remarks didn’t get him fired. Anyway, the bloke who had the narrow squeek has recently posted some stuff clearly about his nemesis on his facebook but without mentioning his name. Nemesis has complained formally to my mate about Squeeky saying his reputation at work has been damaged because despite no use of the name, it’s apparently obvious who is being talked about and in fact, Nemesis found out about it from other colleagues in a “Did you see what he said about you???”.

    It’s not defamatory, it’s just rude but it did happen in working hours.

    So, does the STW hivemind think that anything should happen to Squeeky or should Nemesis be told that FB+NoName = not interested?


    TBH, I think it’s a borderline case. What was said was supposedly not too bad but the “exciting” news is that Squeeky has apparently deleted their facebook as they see the workplace banhammer approaching.

    I’d not LIKE to defend it in court but I think if my mate and his HR lot have documented the previous problem, showing this was a continuation of the slapped wrist earning behaviour wouldn’t be a stretch I guess. If they didn’t document it then I’d be ill that day.

    Well perhaps Squeeky realised he was out of order and has “self policed” before work had to wade in – result.

    As a general guideline, under no circumstances should an adult use you have colleagues on facebook.



    Were the comments on FB made in work-time or what nemesis has supposed to have done and what squeeky is bleeting about happened in work-time?

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