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    It does depend but there’s plenty about. From Shrewsbury you’ve got Haughmond and Lyth Hill that you can ride from the door, a bit further away but still evening rideable there’s Eastridge, the Mynd, the Stiperstones, the Wrekin, Hopton and the ceiriogs. You’re also well placed for north and mid Wales.

    Want to buy my house?


    I was in the same boat as you 2 years ago, I moved from hope to souh Shropshire and thought, oh my god , how us my riding going to suffer, moving from the peaks to here. Well I didn’t need to worry, in my opinion the riding here us much better , or maybe just different. I live in Ludlow, so am lucky to have bringewood 1 mile from my front door , but the tiding between here and Shrewsbury is outstanding, England equiv of the 7 stanes if you ask me. So many little quality places to ride, you will get a testing and high quality 3 hour singletrack ride out of all of them. I mean for example in eastridge you have the only purpose built endure course in the uk only 30 minute pedal from Shrewsbury.

    When you get down here give us a shout 🙂


    Apologies for the spelling, bloomin predictive text .

    It looks like we’re moving to Shropshire in the new year & it’s not an area I know really well.
    I know of some of the obvious places to ride & really looking forward to getting out on the Long Mynd, but we’re going to be based a bit further north, most likely around Baschurch, Ruyton or possibly Shrewsbury.

    Anyone from out that way & recommend somewhere as a starting point?

    Thanks for the ideas, I know there’s plenty further south, I was just slightly concerned when at the moment my favourite Derbyshire ride is 30 mins drive away.
    I’ll post another thread when we’ve moved so I know exactly where we’re going to be living & try & sort a ride out.

    Premier Icon Ben_Haworth

    There is SOOO much good riding in Shropshire. Long Mynd, Stiperstones, Hopton, Eastridge, Buckden etc etc. Arguably the best county to live in for MTBing. Good move 🙂


    Used to live in the Shropshire hills. Central brum does not really cut it for riding now

    When you move might be worth contacting wild Wednesday wheelers who ride all the big big hill xc routes and will help you find your bearings.


    I used to live inn Ironbridge and rode around the valleys in and around there them up to Much & Little Wenlock, then down along the river to Bridgenorth.
    Would often take the bikes to the Welsh Hills and the Long Mynd etc.
    You’ll find somewhere soon enough.
    Best option is to join a local club.
    Have fun and say Hi to the best county in the UK.


    not too far to Cannock neither.

    Premier Icon Speshpaul

    “not too far to Cannock neither.”

    Oh please.

    North shropshire is a bit flat, west and south is a bit wilder;-)

    Premier Icon Nick

    North Shropshire is flatter than south, but there is still plenty to do.

    I’m in Clive and we do a regular ride on a Tuesday, sometimes heading over to Nesscliffe, via Baschurch, it’s a bit muddy sometimes but good fun, you’re welcome to join us when you have moved.

    There is also a Wednesday night ride that goes all over Shropshire, google wild wednesday wheelers.

    Just north of Shrewsbury you have Haughmond Hill, plenty of good fun to be had there, it would be about a 30 mile round trip ride from Baschurch, but mostly on quiet lanes and bridleways.

    There’s some fun stuff between Baschurch and Weston Under Redcastle, just look at a map, plenty of Bridleways.

    No need to worry, there really is so much riding around that area. I love the Long Mynd, never get bored of it and i ride there every week.

    North shropshire is a bit flat, west and south is a bit wilder 😉

    Agreed, I do a lot of road riding because of this.
    The good news is that you’re not too far away from Wales.

    Thanks for that Nick, I’ll probably take you up on your offer at some point.
    As I said, it’s not happening until the new year, but having lived where I have all my life & about six generations back that we can trace (!) it’s a big thing to go somewhere new even if it is only a couple of hours away.
    Best thing in my mind was to get out with some locals to find some riding & then get out exploring.

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