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  • Premier Icon johnw1984

    Ohh, I do like Rocky Mountain bikes and I wouldn’t rule out longer travel depending on a test ride.

    Forgot about Intense too, so I’ll have a look at their range. Hopefully, I should be able to demo most of these before next summer.

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Transition smuggler is one obvious omission

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Oh course! Transition, cheers 🙂

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    I’m waiting on a smuggler carbon, or it will be the new Evil following.

    I also saw this recently that made me go a bit wobbly

    of those you have listed I’d go fuel ex, they are superb.


    I’m hopefully looking at a Smuggler – all be it a cheaper one than your budget!

    Banshee Phantom?

    Premier Icon teamslug

    Orbea Occam TR or Oiz

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    So I’ve decided that this is the sort of bike I want for my birthday next year (July).

    I’ve made a list of bikes that I want to demo before I buy as I don’t want to buy blind on the next one. For reference, I currently ride a 2016 carbon Stumpy in large and it’s a tad too small.

    Tallboy 3 (demoed it and liked it a lot)
    Yeti SB 4.5c
    Pivot Mach 429 Trail
    Cotic Flare Max
    Orange Stage 4
    Trek Fuel EX 9.8

    Are there any others to add to the list? £4500 is probably going to be my maximum as I want to finance half. Experiences with the above would be nice too 🙂


    Kona Hei Hei range

    Premier Icon Tiger6791

    Spesh Camber… ? (love mine)


    That Bionicon is looking a bit traditional for them.

    Saw this on Pinkbike and thought it looked nice, Patrol’s 29-inch-wheel 591

    Premier Icon jonnyboi

    How short travel? I find 100mm enough to get me round most things.

    Cannondale Scalpel


    Starling Murmur can be supplied with a shorter 51mm stroke shock to give 125mm of travel, but there’s still a long waiting list I think.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    I’ve a pivot 429sl (100mm travel, 120mm fork) and it’s brilliant. Rides way better than its numbers suggest. Think I prefer dw link to the vpp of Santa Cruzes too

    Premier Icon DezB

    Ohh, I do like Rocky Mountain bikes and I wouldn’t rule out longer travel depending on a test ride

    Instinct definitely worth a demo then. Love mine and it’s the older model. Would replace it with the new one in a heartbeat 😀


    As per the normal recommend what you have way, what about a Whyte T129? Even with the RS spec there would be enough left in the budget to add a set of lighter/higher specc wheels if you felt the need.

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Spesh camber +1

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Smuggler or Orbea Occam TR would be what I would look at.

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    My god there’s a few to work through there!

    Cannondale Scalpel – I’ve always wanted a Lefty, but I think it might be a little on the XC side for my riding. I’m not exactly some sort of fast shredder etc, but I’ll give most things a go 🙂

    I want to stay away from Specialized as I don’t think it will be different enough from what I have now.

    Not a fan of Evil bikes to be honest. Few friends have/had them and I wasn’t really keen.

    Orbea/Bionicon/Starling are left-field enough to grab my attention too.

    Banshee/Kona will be investigated. Looks like I’ll be looking at all these till July at this rate lol.

    Never been a fan of Whyte bikes to be honest. Maybe a demo will change my mind, but they’ve never really stood out for me. No rational reason why though.


    2018 Giant Anthem?

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    I was keeping my eye on the new Anthem, but it looks like they’ve gone back to being more racey for the 29er.

    I’m leaning more to Trek Fuel/SB 4.5c/Tallboy etc. More of a short travel 29er trail bike (I do like to be awkward!).

    The Kona/Orbea Occam are looking good too.

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