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  • geetee1972

    Yes – next question.

    Seriously though, Five Tens are fantastic shoes and they are worth the premium in my opinion. The real issue though with shoes for flat pedals is less about the stickiness of the rubber and more about the flatness of the sole. You need a flat sole for flats in order for the pedal to contact with the sole and grip it. A lot of trail/approach shoes have curved soles and recessed insteps, which mean they don’t contact the pedal and therefore can’t grip it.
    But, the sticky rubber is also a HUGE leap forward in terms of grip.
    Having said all that, I get the impression that there are plenty of people on STW that use non-sticky rubber trail/approach shoes on flats with no problems.

    I have an added interest in this too as my wife has just switched to flats, is looking for shoes and is considering those Five Tens.

    I ride with 5:10’s and love them. Also got a pair of old merrels that aren’t fit for the highstreet anymore and a set of Addidas Berms (I think, those brown ones!)

    I’d rate them in terms of sticky-ness.
    5:10’s -> a wee bit -> Merrels -> a country mile -> Addidas

    The Addidas are really slippy compared to the others. I like the 5:10 boots too because it gives a bit of ankle protection.


    5:10. Best bit of kit I ever bought. End of.

    Premier Icon rockthreegozy

    Is there any need for 5.10 rubber for XC?

    When riding DH sometimes my feet are a bit looser than I’d like, but NEVER had an issue on normal trails with decent pedals and Shimano shoes.

    Just got some of the new 5:10 Freeriders 2 weeks ago. The tread pattern is still perfect for flats but the rubber is less sticky, so marginally less grip (not important for me) but longer lasting. Also look a lot better than the Impacts.


    I wear vans and find them very good. Are 5.10’s a noticable improvement on vans?


    Everyone else loves them but i bought a pair, used them for one day, found them too rigid and too sticky. Then sold them to my pal.

    I use Oakley Shovel’s that I got off ebay for £25 at the moment which have a bit more squidge, that’s what I prefer..

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Am happy with my Five Ten’s although they look hideous! Tried the new girlie coloured ones but didn’t fit my huge feet 😥

    Premier Icon kennyp

    Another vote here for Five-Tens. I’ve even walked up a Munro in them.


    I am looking at getting some new riding shoes, I currently have O’Neils and was thinking of getting some DC’s, then I found out that Five Ten now do a ladies shoe. I thought it would be better to get these as they are specifically designed for cycling whereas the DC’s aren’t, but they are almost double the price. My question is, are they worth the extra money? I mainly ride xc – local woods, Peaks, Trail Centres etc.

    The second I rode my bike with my five-tens I was convinced I’d done the right thing. love the stiffness over my other skate style shoes and love the grip and love the weather resistance (not weather proof! but damn good) love em. if they ever die i’ll be running to the shop to get a new pair.


    5-10s are great, but old skool vans are much lighter and softer. Both have their place. The 5-10s do have more grip than owt else though.

    I’m thinking of going for the best of both worlds, and getting 5-10 rubber put onto a set of vans by feet first. Anyone done this?


    5 10s are amazing.

    I have been using them for about 3 or 4 years (Same pair!) i ride with DMRs on one bike and straitline pedals on another. On both i feel totally connected to the bike. They are stiff but walkable in. My foot is protected from feeling any pedal at all (as happens when I commute in my lovely, but inappropriate, fashion trainers).

    They are a bit wide for me so am pleased they are doing female specific! Buy them they are worth every penny! In the wet I wear seal skins as my pair are not at al waterproff – they are very old design!


    Vans are good, Grip the pegs really well, never suffered slippage, £35 – bargain!

    grip is great with 5.10s, always ride with them on flats. I have used vans etc before and will not go back. Mind you it’s “horses for courses”.

    You can get shoes recovered with the stealth rubber feet first My wife has two pairs of shimano spd shoes covered in it. She has tiny feet and has difficulty getting shoes that fit. Not the cheapest but they can do pretty much any shoe. That way you are not limited by the 5.10 shoe range.

    I switched to 5 10s and immediately found a lot more confidence. They are very grippy. I am totally XC and don’t do jumps at all, but find they are great.


    5.10 Guide Tenne’s very slightly curved sole perfect for flats. No tread to speak of.


    Thanks. Now I need to find a shop that sells them so I can try them on.


    I wore some DC’s on DMR V12’s at the weekend and they stick like glue!


    my o neal shoes are ace on my wellgo (mg1) pedals, had a go on my mates bike with cheap flats and they were terrible – he runs 5:10s so doesn’t notice as much.

    good pedals – cheap shoes
    cheap pedals – good shoes basically same amount of grip.

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