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  • sunnrider

    I´ve got a spare scott equalizer shock for my ransom but it needs a service. I accidently loosened the schrader valve when unscrewing the pump and it leaked oil.

    I can get it done here in Spain but its 120€ plus postage. I was wondering where can you get them serviced in the UK and how much does it cost? Since I´m not in a hurry I don´t mind a long postage turnaround time.



    Speak to the Pace suspension service centre, or the Scott distributor (although I guess they would say send to the Spainish distributor)


    Being a Ransom, it’ll be an Equalizer 1, in which case it’s Evans Suspension (Pace only do the EQ2/3 shocks).


    So probably cheaper and easier to send it for service in Spain once you’ve added the postage on.

    and ‘full service’ rear shock service at £45, that’d be an air can service then 😆


    Cheers for the replies.
    Pace don´t service Equalizer 1´s and using Evans it´d work out the same price as here. I´d heard they were pricy to service.
    Just as well I can do it myself when it comes to the turn of my Lyrik forks.

    Hi, if I where you I would swap the equalizer out for a DHX Air 5. I’v been riding a Ransom with a standard shock for 4 yrs & no real issues apart from a regular service but last summer put a Fox DHX 5 Air on it with a low volume can & wow rides so much better


    Give James a try…


    He will sort it out for you.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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