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  • Shimano Road disk pads
  • woody2000
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    Need to replace the pads in my tiagra (4770) brakes bit getting a bit confused. Are all shimano road pads the same? Anyone got any recommendations?

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    No. Not all the same. Shimano’s website will help you with the pad type numbers for ones that will fit. Well Shimano ones anyway.

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    These are the part numbers for the genuine Shimano ones to fit those callipers. I run Y8PU98040 finned resin in my GRX callipers, they use the same pads as your Tiagra.

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    If you can get sintered pads rather resin I would. My road brakes started with sintered and I accidentally replaced them with resin and I’ve been a bit unimpressed.

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    I just replaced my front brake with EBC organic (green).. and now…. It. Doesn’t. HONK. In. The. Wet!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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