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  • oliverd1981

    Hopefully moving shortly and although I’ll be gutted to lose the double garage, I think the new house will give me the scope to build the garage/workshop/man-cave of my (unambitious) dreams.

    I kind of like this although ideally with the ridge running the other way It means I could sit on my porch or stand in the workshop gazing down the garden for signs of imminent food. Also the garage door would be hidden from view, the good lady indoors would think we just had a summerhouse with a faint whiff of GT85…

    My Question is thus – if the eaves and peak height are correct, is it only the internal floor area that counts towards the 30mSq allowed under permitted development? does this mean I can have extra wide eaves to the sides to use as a wood store and a big front canopy for bbq’s?


    I’ve no idea about the planning regs where you are, they vary from place to place.

    I would say that the price for that kit seems high.

    My brother and I built this shed which was 6m x 4m where the total material cost less the exterior cladding was £1200. We used 4×4 posts, 6×2 floor joist, 3/4 flooring and 4×2 for the roof trusses. The shed you linked to before the sale price costs almost four times as much, even though it’s fractionally bigger, I doubt it would be as durable.

    If the regs allow go custom. Build something that’s unique to the site and your needs. Finally make adequate provision for wood storage.


    Un fortunately I don’t have your woodworking skills, but as it’s going to be part garage and will require a concrete pad etc. your method won’t suit. There’s daft things like not being allowed to have decking more than 300mm high in case you’re a privet peeper etc…

    I’m sure other kits are available -that was just really an illustration – although the cabin kits with the log walls look sturdy enough to me..

    The planning regs for England seem to be the same throughout – (not listed building/national park or anything) they’re just not very clear on what counts as floor area…

    Premier Icon alexpalacefan

    ‘Phone the planning dept. they’re always helpful in my experience.


    Premier Icon jam bo

    I think what you are talking about is referred to as a verandah in planning speak and needs permission. I will behaving this conversation with our planning dept on Friday as I would like to pretty much copy mcmoonters design up there this summer.


    Good question.

    I’ve had a look through the guidance and would say yes in that instance as the ground is covered by the building / enclosure. However the 30m2 relates to Building Regulation and not PD and this would be relative to the external floor area. (i.e not the eaves overhang)

    Premier Icon chickenman

    If the shed you had in the link has double wall construction (“logs” made up from 28 or 30mm thick t+g spruce with insulation inside) like the one I assembled for a customer a few years back, then £4000 isn’t that rediculous really.

    b r

    Build it to spec and get Regs sign-off.

    Then change/add what you need 🙂


    my thought on the verandah issue is that as long as it’s less than 300mmm high – then it’s not “decking” – so if it’s not an elevated platform – it’s just garden…
    I’d be interested to see what jambo comes up with.

    I didn’t think those prices were bad – but I know there’s lots of research to be done still

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