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  • zzrmatt

    I have an R plate ZZR600E6 which hasn’t been used for the last few years and has sat SORNd in the garage.

    It has a new chain and sprockets which have only done a few hundred miles and braided brake lines. I rebuilt the calipers when I changed the brake lines and also did the valve shims on the engine.

    Its just taking up space in the garage now so I am planning to either give it the once over, slap an MOT on it and sell it or break it for bits.

    Has anyone ever done the latter? I can imagine being left with lots of parts which will never sell?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I broke up a crashed GSXR a few years back- I wanted some high value parts from it and I was pretty sure I could sell the rest at a profit, which I did eventually. Free forks and bits of fairing and a few hundred quid in exchange for a lot of time and hassle. But it was a pain in the arse and quite a lot of it went to the tip (some is still in the shed waiting for the mythical day when I weigh in all my aluminium scrap). That was a relatively current model too.

    If your bike has specific bits that are in demand then that’ll swing it towards splitting but I’d be pretty surprised, here.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Offer it on a specific forum like zzr owners of similar. Someone might want a project.


    As above really – if you split it, you’ll end up with half of it yours for eternity, bits sitting in a shed somewhere. With my m’bikes I’d spend a weekend cleaning and painting them. You’d be surprised what a difference alloy coloured engine paint and a bit of gloss black from Airfix models can make to the looks, even if you know it will most likely fall off the first rainy day.

    I’d clean to the nth degree, flog it whole just to be shot of it and free of eternal hassle and mess.


    I’d try and sell it as a going concern.

    The bodywork, lights etc will probably go quite quickly if they’re in good condition.

    Then you’ll be left with the rest for all eternity.

    You could try selling it as it is on the LDD (Longest Day Day) section on pbmagforum if you’re feeling generous.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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