Scotland/Skye for 2 weeks in October

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  • Scotland/Skye for 2 weeks in October
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    Managed to bag the first two weeks of October off from work and was mulling over the idea of heading to Skye. Home is down in Sussex so would probably fly up, then hire something to drive.
    Had a brief look at the cost of accommodation versus hiring a camper and have found the whole thing a bit disheartening!
    We’re looking for a relatively cheap break but so far it looking like the same cost as a bleeding skiing holiday!

    Anyone got any suggestions? I’ve got a fair bit of camping paraphernalia, but it’s all lightweight backpacking (read small and uncomfortable) stuff and not really what Mrs BD would have in mind!
    Therefore looking at hiring a cottage/camper and self catering but open to suggestions if anyone has a much better idea!

    Also, I really sight to ask, will the weather be terrible? Will I be lynched as a southerner?

    STW to the rescue?

    Premier Icon burgatedicky

    And wrong forum…mods?… (such an amateur)

    It’s hard enough knowing what the weather will be doing this weekend, never mind 7 months away.

    There should be well priced cottages to be had at that time of year. Campers are expensive to hire because they are expensive to buy, and are popular.

    I’ll ignore the stupid comment about being lynched.


    Weather in October = Dodgy , quite often we get great septembers but by October the gales are coming. Gales are brilliant fun, but after 6 months the novelty wears off 😉

    Regards to lynching , weve usually lynched our quota by then , but every now & then we make exeptions.

    Try Fi @ , booking will be thining out by then & you might be able to negotiate.

    October 2015 was fantastic. Driest trails all year, and very mild.

    b r

    We’re looking for a relatively cheap break but so far it looking like the same cost as a bleeding skiing holiday!

    Yep, it’s an island a long way from everywhere, everything is expensive…

    Many years ago we’d been to Barbados the previous year and I managed to persuade my OH that a tour of the Scottish Highlands would be a good holiday. we enjoyed ourselves but spent about the same. We went back to Barbados the following year.

    tbh If I was going again, I’d go in May/June. Best weather.

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    Jubilee cottage in uig is about the best place I have ever been

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    Thanks for the advice, and apologies for any offence taken over the lynching comment!
    Unfortunately October is the earliest we can go, I work as a polo vet so the is absolutely no chance I’ll get any time off between, well, now and October!
    One of the problems of the job, needing to cram annual leave in between Oct and March does limit ones destination choices a bit.
    We’ve got a bucket list with places like Iceland, Norway and Yosemite on it but they will all have to wait…probably several years!


    Yosemti in October should be spectacular fwiw. Will follow thread with interest as some French friends have booked to go in May.


    We had some decent weather last October too. I’d certainly not write-off the idea. I’d plan on spending a few days in a few locations rather than dedicating 2 weeks to Skye itself. There can often be discount hotel deals through the likes of Groupon once you get to that end of the year. The Mrs and I have had a few breaks like that over the years.


    Yosemti in October should be spectacular fwiw

    October is one of the best times to go. Crowds have died down as has the heat and there are spectacular fall colours.

    As for Skye, I agree with scotroutes, don’t book a place for 2 weeks. In the absence of luck, flexibility is key to enjoying a holiday in Scotland. I’d suggest touring around and using a mixture of B&Bs, hostels and camping (maybe your good lady could be convinced if it’s only for the odd night when the weather is good) if you want to keep the costs down. At that time of year there’s no need to book in advance.

    b r

    One of the problems of the job, needing to cram annual leave in between Oct and March does limit ones destination choices a bit.[/I]

    Southern hemisphere maybe?

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    second/third week is beginning of half term for many Scottish schools and prices of accommodation reflect this. You may be just early enough to miss the doubling of prices…

    My holiday on Skye last October

    Blue skies

    Can’t really help with accomodation though, we’ve booked a self catering cottage for 6 for 7 days for £700, right next to the Carbost Inn as well 8)

    Premier Icon mtbguiding

    No hard sell honest, but we’re running a Torridon/West Coast weekend at the end of October. It’s not super cheap that’s for sure – but it is good value (IMHO). Check out the website but note that it’s likely to be 26-29 not as advertised.

    And to prove it’s not a hard sell, if you want some route suggestions, GPXs etc, just yell… email’s best 🙂


    Yeah weather in October is awful. Don’t go 😉

    Skye is mint, and you’ll be fine in a tent. Stay at Sligachan – it’s pretty central.

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