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  • Schwalbe Fat Alberts – any good?
  • Premier Icon Tracey

    Kevin has used them in the past and says that he would use them again although he prefers Specialized Enduro tyres to them and managed to buy a job lot at a silly price before they stopped making them


    I’ve got the exact same tyre on my full susser, they go up well tubeless and provide good grip (front end).
    Great for £20 I think, although the Fat Albert is known for polarising opinion.

    the ones at £20 each on the on-one site

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I run 2.4 Fat Alberts as my Summer/Dry Tyres here in the UK.
    I currently have a Triple Nano compound (same as the New Trailstar Compound on the Fat Albert Front apparently) on the front and a Performance (slightly harder I think) compound on the rear.

    The Fat Alberts have different tread patterns front and rear and also they tailor the compounds front and rear also (Pacestar at the back, Trailstar at the front). Not sure how I have a Perfomance compound Fat Albert (maybe a grey import OEM tyre..anyways…)

    The Front is great, lots of grip in a wide variety of conditions. From dry dust to wet Forest loam. They do pack up when confronted with sticky mud though. The shoulder knobs are well supported enough that you can rail round flat corners on them, very Minion-esque actually.

    The rear is pretty good in corners (and breaks away before the front) but does lack a little in the straight line drive and braking grip. It’s also pretty sketchy on wet roots. The “Performance” compound is probably to blame here.

    Rolling resistance is actually pretty good for a full knobbly tyre.

    For my Winter/wet tyre set up I have a “Performance” Compound Hans Dampf (purchased to get me out of a sticky situation with a ripped sidewall a long way from home) on the front and a Pacestar Compound 2.25 fat Albert on the back.

    The Performance compound on the Hans Dampf is much softer than that of the Performance compound on the Fat Albert, you can feel the difference with your finger nail. This pretty much makes it a front only tyre due to it’s draggyness. However it has absolutely huge amounts of grip. I think the sidewalls aren’t super thick (but that’s not an issue on the front of a hardtail)

    The Pacestar Fat Albert on the rear definitely hooks up better than it’s fatter harder relation and leaves a little more room for UK Slop and Grim(TM) build up in the rear. It doesn’t roll any slower either really. I’d fit it for summer too but I’m saving it for winter slime as Schwalbe tyres aren’t cheap and the 2.4 Performance compound unit is fine in Summer.

    Worth mentioning that all the above tyres are under 800g too…


    I always liked FA’s, jack of all trades master of none, a no fuss dependable tyre IME.


    I’ve got a pair, tubless on the rear and normal one on the front. Both pace star and trail star. Can’t remember which way around.
    I find them perfect when its dry, but not so when its wet. I may be wrong, but I think that’s the difference with the Hans damp, I think that’s better in the mmud.

    Premier Icon jambalaya

    I tried some, with the pace start/trail star combo, was never comfortable with them especially when it was slippery.


    Got some little alberts seem quite a good alrounder.

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    At 20 quid for full UST tyres I love ’em!

    Had one on the front for ages and its a good all rounder without being brill or crap at anything. Got a spare front and rear in shed ready for when needed cuz of the price.

    Just bought a pair – UST front and tubeless ready rear (all they had) so shall report back.
    They have a lot to beat as the chunky monkeys on at the minute are ace!!

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