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  • Sandwich order
  • Premier Icon edhornby
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    OK if you buy a sandwich pack with

    Ham & Mustard
    prawn with mayo

    which order do you eat them ???

    Premier Icon Kryton57
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    One on top of the other, massive multi layer snack.

    Premier Icon Nobeerinthefridge
    Free Member

    I always eat least fave first to favourite last.

    So, up to you guv’nor.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man
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    Ham and Mustard last as the mustard will ruin the taste of the other two!

    Premier Icon lunge
    Full Member

    BLT first, Prawn second, Ham & mustard last.
    The H&M has to be last or the mustard will overpower the rest of the pack. It’ll also be strong enough flavour to overcome any fishy taste left from the prawns.
    BLT first as it’d get overawed by the prawn taste I reckon.

    Premier Icon Yak
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    Take it back and replace it with a 3 pack of ham and mustard.

    Premier Icon pocpoc
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    1. Prawn (although unlikely to buy it in the first place so getting out of the way)
    2. Remove tomato from BLT and eat first (no sandwich needs to overpowered by tomaties)
    3. Remaining BL
    4. Ham & mustard.

    Premier Icon edhornby
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    cmon nobeer : ) what would you eat first/last? I’m torn on flavour and there’s always the side issue of sandwich coming out of the packet and destructing the others because the bread grips…

    Premier Icon derek_starship
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    You’ve gone for the cheaper high friction bread. That was your first error. Your second error was opting for a “surf n turf” sandwich selection.

    Just throw it in the bin.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou
    Full Member

    It’s like a meal,

    Starter – BLT (salad)

    Fish Course – Prawn (obvs)

    Main Course – Ham (meat)

    Premier Icon edhornby
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    Jim, Genius

    Premier Icon martinhutch
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    No pasta course?

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    Prawn, bacon, then ham… So I should be able to taste them all in turn.

    Premier Icon Haze
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    Ham and mustard starter, BLT next (saves best for last)

    Give the prawn away

    Premier Icon Philby
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    Prawn, BLT then ham & mustard otherwise you wouldn’t be able to taste the first two.

    Premier Icon uniqueusername
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    1. Prawn in the bin
    2. Separate ham and mustard sandwich, hopefully able to bin the mustard bit and eat the ham bit.
    3. BLT.

    Premier Icon pondo
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    If you’re ordering sandwiches, I’ll have bacon, egg and beans on crusty bread, please.

    Premier Icon beej
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    I’d take them all apart and mix the fillings equally to get three rounds of BLTHMP.

    Premier Icon TheDTs
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    I can’t believe you went to the sarnie shop without asking what we all wanted! FfS!

    Premier Icon mahalo
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    Think id eat the packet

    Premier Icon stevie750
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    Prawn in the bin
    Then ham and mustard
    Then blt

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