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  • RIP bullheart
  • Premier Icon bearnecessities

    The loveliest man I never met.

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the thread this morning – he was such an unstoppable force of character I never really thought of this happening. I didn’t know what to say this morning and I still don’t know.


    A truly inspirational human,
    Rest now Bullheart fight no more,
    Ride in peace.
    Condolences too family & friends.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Very sad, RIP Bullheat.
    Today’s not been good at all…


    My Heart sank and i felt sick when i read the title of this thread.
    **** Cancer indeed, **** it right up it’s arse
    RIP Mark

    Premier Icon holdsteady

    terrible news – my deepest sympathies to Mark’s friends and family – a truly inspirational and lovely man who I met last summer when I bought a singlespeed Inbred off him just before he went on holiday and climbed Ventoux. Was only thinking about him today when I picked up his old Inbred from my LBS after me wimping out and getting gears added. R.I.P. Mark

    Premier Icon ART

    Like many here I never met Mark but followed his story from that first diagnosis post & was always humbled & inspired by his strength & stoicism in the face of the odds presented to him. A remarkable life lived. Very warm wishes to his family & friends for their loss.


    I met him briefly on a London pottle must be a decade ago, while he was battling the first fight of his long war on cancer. Nice guy and inspirational fighter.

    My thoughts go out to his friends family.


    RIP Mark. I never met you but did follow your story . Somehow I never thought this would happen , it has and I’m shocked and deeply saddened. Condolences to all of the family. Ride free mate 😥😥


    RIP Bullheart. Sad, sad day…. 😔

    Premier Icon nemesis

    Can’t believe this. Awful news. Condolences to his family and just about everyone on here. Great bloke who will be sorely missed

    Premier Icon chipster

    RIP Bullheart.


    Never met him but id imagine he would be pleased that a simple thread on an internet forum about mountain bikes was elevated to the point that peoples lives were made the better for it.

    Gutted. Just seen this. Like many on here not met him, but found him inspirational. Always jumped on his posts and updates and thought about him when there were gaps.

    I hope that his family can take small comfort from the knowledge that he meant so much to so many people. People he had not met but still affected.

    Thoughts are with you.


    This is a poorer world without the Bullheart.
    He helped me when I had a few interactions with him last year…
    The Bullheart will remain a hero.
    RIP Mark – it’s always the good ones.


    Oh fark. I never met Mark, but I did follow his story and was humbled and inspired by his spirit and grit. I can only hope I’d be as brave if faced with that kind of challenge, his family should be very proud of him.

    Premier Icon Alphabet

    I remember reading his post about cancer the night before his first diagnoses and then over the years reading about his heroic struggles and achievements. The world has lost a truly inspiring man. I hope his family can take some small comfort in knowing how many people Mark affected and inspired during his all too short time.

    Ride on Mark.


    Very sad to hear this.

    Premier Icon winston2005

    An inspirational guy
    Thoughts with your family and loved ones


    Like most I never knew him only through here.

    Thoughts to those close to him and they are many as he touched so many people in such a positive way.

    Premier Icon gonetothehills

    Such an inspiration and such a loss. RIP


    What an inspiration this man was.

    Never met Mark but was so impressed from a distance by his spirit and approach. Welling up as it’s the end of an amazing story. Quite something to impact so many total strangers and his words below ring true. My best wishes to his family and friends.

    Life is an important gift. Every minute we spend on this earth is a privilege; not a right. I gave my word when I found out that I was ill that I would do two things. I would do all I can to help those with sarcoma through fundraising. And I wouldn’t give up. Ever.

    Premier Icon mikey-simmo

    Bollocks. When you read threads like throne that began this story you find yourself thinking ‘could I be the man he is if I was diagnosed?’ I think the answer is very clear.

    Premier Icon wallop

    Absolutely. What a huge loss.


    Just logging back in to say goddamn it…

    Premier Icon frankconway

    Same as many other posters I didn’t know him but found his posts immensely moving and left me marvelling at his will to live.
    May god rest his soul.

    Premier Icon Houns

    Ride in peace

    Premier Icon dannyh

    RIP. For anyone out there who is yet to head out for a weekend ride, give a few big pedal strokes for Bullheart and Troutie and be thankful that we still get to enjoy our awesome hobby.

    I didn’t know Bullheart personally but the respect he was held in here is manifest.


    Very sad news, RIP


    RIP Bullheart

    Sad news, RIP

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    Like so many of us I never met Mark but read his inspirational posts over the years. I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing he seemed such a strong willed spirit. To fight the diagnosis of cardiac sarcoma for 10yrs is amazing. My thoughts to his family.

    Premier Icon jimplops


    never a braver soul walked a forum, and to put up such a fight against such odds. My condolences to his family and friends.

    First Bullheart, then Troutie.

    Utter arse!

    Ride In Peace


    Oh no. What a loss to us all. He helped me too. I will ride in your memory today. You NEVER EVER gave up. Love to your family.
    **** CANCER

    Really sad news. Followed his journey on her over the last 10 years, so really feel this one.

    Visited my mum in the hospice yesterday to get the news that her cancer is making her bones break and has now spread to her brain. It’s likely she’ll be gone by mother’s day. I’d come on here to look for things to read to take my mind off it…

    **** Cancer.


    Mark. He had some really stupid bikes. I remember him turning up to a London Pootle™ (he was late because he had to go for some treatment or some other crap excuse) on a fixie. A fixie! Then he got a puncture, and couldn’t fix it because he didn’t have a suitable spanner with him. Lol! What an idiot.

    So he picked it up, and walked off towards London Bridge with it under his arm. Because that was Mark. He’d just say ‘it is what it is’, and get on with it. Problem? Deal with it. Done. And that’s how he approached life; obstacles were there simply to be overcome. Didn’t he carry a fridge up Snowdon? Nutcase. It’s always cold up there; you don’t need a fridge. And all because he wanted to get out of painting a shed…

    Lots of lovely comments about what a good bloke he was. But in his own words:

    “I’m not even that likeable a chap; really! I’m a surly, self-righteous, cocky difficult bastard”

    True dat. You wouldn’t want to see him on a bad day. Indeed; we fell out cos our personalities clashed. But being a ‘surly, self-righteous, cocky, difficult bastard’ was what gave Mark his energy to fight, to batter through, to never give up. But all that doesn’t stop you being scared. And for all his surly, self-righteous, cocky, difficult bastardness, he was scared.

    “I’m not a legend. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

    I’m a fearful coward and a fraud 50% of the time. Please don’t put me on a pedestal; I don’t deserve it. I regularly see my own funeral, pray that it won’t hurt when it comes, and curse others for not realising how lucky they are.”

    I mean, he is a legend. there’s no disputing that. But his real bravery came in being able to talk about how scared he was. THAT takes real courage. And for a man so scared, to then go and talk to others, to be so open and honest; remarkable. Amazing. He was in contact with other sufferers around the world, sharing feelings, giving advice, offering support, giving strength. A rock, for so many people. We can’t put Mark on a pedestal; there isn’t a material that’s **** hard enough to make it from.

    And through it all, he always, always made it clear just how much the support of his partner, Meg, made to him.

    “If it wasn’t for Meg, I’d be nothing. Really.”

    What a mensch.

    And he’d always make sure others got the credit they deserved, too. One in particular, Crispy Bacon, of this forum, a man very different to Mark, but also an amazing, incredible Human Being. My life has been truly enriched by meeting people like you. Mark brought people together. We dragged our bikes through knee deep mud because of Mark. We woke up in pools of floodwater because of Mark. Some of us suffered utter public humiliation because of Mark.

    And we’d do it all again, for you, mate. Because we’re not giving up, are we? Never.

    Peace Be Upon You, you glorious bastard.


    Premier Icon Esme

    Thank you for your thoughtful post, Aziz – it’ll be much appreciated by those of us who only knew Bullheart on this forum.

    Amen to that Aziz. I saw this on Friday and I’m still coming to terms with it. What a fighter Mark was. I remember that first post he wrote as Petesgaff 10 years ago. Never met the guy in person but he left an indelible mark on me and many others. He, more than most can hold his head high at the pearly gates. Ride on Mark.

    This is such sad news. I always read his updates and even offered the odd word of hope from a fellow cancer fighter.

    He always came across as a guy trying hard to live every day as well as he could, something we all aim.

    My thoughts are with his what is obviously a loving family and friends.

    RIP Mark

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