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  • Revel Rascal XT Build review
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The Revel Rascal XT Build is a good-looking, playful machine that will back you up when the going gets tough, whether that’s uphill or down.

    By ben_haworth

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    Had mine for 18 months, 1300km ridden mostly here in the FoD. Best climbing FS I’ve ridden (and before the Rascal that accolade went to my DW link RipMo). Descending, it has that lovely balance of agility and ‘plowability’. Rear may only be 130 but it feels more- very plush but also pretty composed over multiple hits.

    Agree on seat angle, flat pedals here and I run saddle as far forward as I can. Also as my other two MTBs are pretty slack, head angle makes it feel very go-karty. I’m fine with that, but because rear is so good will be fitting a 150mm air shaft to the Lyrik it now has up front. It’s really a fab trail bike. However, if I didn’t have my giga, I’d buy the new 29er Rail.

    Cyclewise are great to deal with (and only down the road from me).


    Malverns, yesterday :)

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    That purple though. 👌

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    I’ve got the 27.5 Rail and concur on the climbing – I always run out of legs before I run out of traction.

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