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  • Candodavid

    Quantocks and Mendip?
    Enough locals for both to aid you in a bit of guided riding


    Push it a bit and get up the lakes. It really will be worth it in this weather and there are actual mountains which are generally missing from the south of England. Put a thread up again if you want specific recommendations for campsites etc but imo you should be looking at staying in Keswick, hard to beat it. Cannock is 30 mins from me and it’s good for a half a day. If you’re set on trail parks then degla and cody are within easy driving distance of each other but again might push your driving limit.


    A mate and I have a free pass to disappear off to the wilderness at the end of the month and I don’t know where we should be heading. Requirements are:

    Within sensible drive of Surrey to ensure two good days riding, so really 3 hours tops.
    We’ll be camping overnight on the Saturday.

    Should we try and visit two places? I’ve been to Cannock for the first time recently which I loved. Is there enough to keep you busy for two days, ditto with Forest of Dean. Anywhere else we should be considering?

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    Just got back from two days in Brecon Beacons, did the Gap and then a day at Afan, perfect conditions.

    BTW – I drove from Surrey.

    As a variation on Candodavid’s suggestion what about the Quantocks and Dartmoor? Day 1 Quantocks. Quick dash down the M5 afterwards camp overnight and take on the delights of Dartmoor on the second day.

    Not that we haven’t got enough riding to keep you occupied here on Dartmoor but that way you get to experience a different area and also to break the journey.

    If you have 2 days to ride your bike, please don’t go to the Midlands.


    I’ve been to Cannock for the first time recently which I loved. Is there enough to keep you busy for two days

    As much as I love it as a local loop I think you would be hard pushed to spend two days there. For an area of only 25 sq mi the Chase has a rich history of XC racing and there are trails everywhere but unless you are fond of sand, pebbles and trees there’s not much variety.

    b r

    A 3 hour drive is a bit restrictive, as it could take you that to get past Reading/Oxford/Watford (depending on which direction you are going). But try the Peak District, Hayfield as a base.


    You need to seek out “Big Maggie”, more than ample enough for two good days riding. Will keep you busy alright, worthy of anyones weekend free pass.


    Hmm, maybe an earlier start is in order then, and we push it out a bit.

    rene59, I’m intrigued, care to elaborate?

    So, Quantocks, Dartmoor, Peaks, or Degla (maybe taking in Cannock on the way) look like the options.

    Don’t often get a weekend pass, so may as well make the most of it.

    Premier Icon kimbers

    can easily fill a weekend at afan and maybe just get to brechfa as well

    Premier Icon psling

    You’ve lots of options but since you asked in your OP, the FoD could easily fill a weekend of woodsy singletrack and/or uplift DH fun 8)

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