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  • Recommend me a quick release air system
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    Quiet sunday, why not. I got a new compressor a while back, and just kept using my old tools but I’ve got a mess of quickfit and screw on and things that don’t fit and a hose that’s dubious so I figure I’ll just start over with whatever the best connector is- least leaky, easiest to use, most common.

    So, ur, which one is it? I just get more and more confused, it took me 2 attempts just to find a suitable outlet for the compressor

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    I prefer ‘pcl’ fittings to the shorter ones that seem to get bundled with most air tools. Being a bit longer they seem a bit more resistant to side loads and are less leaky as a result. They’re easier to connect under pressure too

    find a good vendor on eBay and buy a job lot of connectors – that way you can easily add new tools while keeping everything on the same system but also consider them to be consumables – they wear and get leaky so always worth having a few spares

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    PCL’s wear really fast and restrict air flow.

    CEJN are what’s used in most factorys that use air tools for production.

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    I had to look up CEJN, but that’s the ones I use. I’ve had most of them for 20 years and they’re all still working….no leaks.

    The best way to avoid premature wear & failure of the QD’s is to have short length of rubber airline permanently attached to the tool with the male part of the QD at the end. This prevents any side loads on the QD when the tool is in use.

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