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  • Recommend me a bike trailer/stroller for a 1 year old
  • alcolepone

    I’m after a bike trailer/stroller so that little ‘colepone can come on bike rides, and also be used for taking him on runs. seen some but thought i’d ask the font of knowledge that is stw


    no thoughts from anyone?

    We just got a trailer for our wee man.

    After looking at the options and hiring a few, we went for the Croozer 3 in 1 version. Trailer, jogger and buggy. Probably won’t use the buggy wheel but he loved his first trailer ride and the jogger is great for unmade roads and tracks round the Peak district. We took him him round Ladybower on the bikes for 2 hours and he waved and giggled all the way!

    Great 5 point harness and good luggage space. The 3 in 1 came with 2 hitches so we have one on each bike to share towing duties. Looks funny him on the back of my Mega/Lyriks – had to remember to lock it out so I could tell more what he was feeling!

    Not the cheapest but really well made and seem to hold the value really well. However, getting out for a ride with my Mrs was priceless!


    There have been a few decent trailers in the classifieds recently, might be worth searching. I think I remember seeing a Croozer and a Chariot.

    I never quite got round to getting a trailer but wanted to. Depending how much running you want to do though perhaps think about a running specific buggy (big wheels means good for off road), baby jogger or BOB are good options, and a bike seat.


    Croozer 3 in 1 here too. Not actually used it that much yet, no 1 is mostly in a Hamax seat, but once no 2 comes along in feb I think it’ll be getting a lot more use. Loads of space in the back too for a big day out on the bikes 🙂

    Premier Icon kimbers

    croozer, baby sling is good for wee-uns but at 1 they probably dont need d it any

    have a kid for 2 here and its ace


    Croozer here bought 2nd hand from Stoner.
    It’s normally used 3 times a week on the back of the bike for the nursery runs (10mile round trip) plus odd weekend rides plus walks and a few runs too.

    My son’s (14 months old now) done about a thousand miles in it in 6 month now, he loves it. If I leave it in the garden when he’s out playing he quite often climbs in and takes a seat and starts playing with the toys that live in there 8)

    It’s got the baby head support which I still use as it keeps his head snug if he falls asleep.

    [/url] Have a look here.

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