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  • will

    Exposure Flare. Bright and very easy to take on/off.

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    Ive got into road riding more recently and as such bought an Exposure Flash/Flare set. Easily bright enough for daylight running lights and in pulse mode the rechargeable batteries last around 8hrs.
    Got my set from Evans online for £60.

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    I have Blackburn mars 4 on all of my bikes, really bright with side lighting as well. Cheap as chips too.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I got one of the Leyzene ones. Bounced out of its holder the first time I took my cross bike onto a bridleway and was lost 🙁

    Premier Icon irc

    For riding at night two Cateyre LD610s. Lightweight, bright, and mountings available for seatpost, rack, or seat stay. Mounts either vertically or horizontally.



    Tesco £4, it’s red and it flashes, it also has a robust hook on the back. You do not need to spend anymore.


    … as I hook it on the saddle bag.

    See rule #31

    I use a MOON SPORT Comet Rear Light, comes with a tidy little bracket that fits onto your seat rails.


    Another vote for the Smart 1 Watt.

    I just went into my LBS and asked for the brightest rear flashing light they had.

    I use mine all the time on every ride and have just fitted something similar to the front, prior to having to fit the proper winter LED light in another month or so.


    +1 for Blackburn’ they’re very good for the price I’ve had my Mars 3 for about 10 years and it’s still going strong. £7.99 at Halfords which is flippin’ cheap.

    I also bought a Moon Shield when Evans had thier crazy £20 off £40 spent ‘promo/f-up’ earlier this year. It doesn’t seem as robust as the Mars but is retina-burningly bright even on the lowest setting. So it’d be perfect for daylight riding.

    Premier Icon simmy

    Right this road business has been getting a bit serious……..

    I’m not hanging up the Orange up but I’ve been on the road bike a lot recently just due to the ease of getting some miles in, did 66 the other Sunday and loved it.

    Anyway, I’m after a bright rear light that I can use in dull daylight conditions as well as the dark As the other week I went into a line of trees and it was really dark for about 1/4 mile so could have done with a light even though it was daylight.

    I’m using a Smart light at the moment which has a clip type fitting so ideally I’d be looking for a similar fitting as I hook it on the saddle bag.

    Any suggestions please ?



    Buy three rear lights and a pack of six alkaline batteries for £4.

    They come with a bracket which is ok, but also a very good little clip which works fine with saddle bags etc or to clip on a jersey pocket.

    Honestly very good.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Another vote for the Exposure Flare. I use lights on my road bike most of the time, as you point out going under trees or in dappled sunlight, they can be very useful.

    Flare is light, easy to take on and off (no bracket left on the bike) and very bright.


    I got one of the Leyzene ones. Bounced out of its holder the first time I took my cross bike onto a bridleway and was lost

    Me too. I complained to Lezyne and they sent me a prototype new bracket which did hold the light firmly. Shame the quality of the light was such that the electronics didn’t last the winter, so now I have a light that stays in the bracket but doesn’t actually work…


    Currently running the Smart Lunar R2 half watt. Better weather proofed and more of a secure lens than the Smart half watt (lost the lens and batteries on a rough bit of tarmac) as it clips in on either side.

    Smart Lunar R2 2×1/2 Watt Rear Light 2012

    Flashing, low light pulse and constant mode keeps commuters happy
    2×0.5 Watt high intensity LED’s
    Visibility: up to 1 mile
    Run time: up to 50 hours flashing, 25 hours on steady mode
    Batteries included: (2xAAA)
    Tough construction withstands extreme weather conditions×1-2-watt-rear-light/rp-prod56550

    I have Blackburn mars 4 on all of my bikes, really bright with side lighting as well.

    Sealing seems good, takes AAA batteries so if you’re rechargables run flat you can buy some anywhere easily and cheaply


    I have blackburn fleas attatched to all my bikes, and camelbacks, year round as a when needed light. I check them every month from april untill September, then charge them every week the rest of the year.

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