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  • Price of entry for a decent drone?
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    My wife is asking for Christmas ideas for me and I’m a bit stumped. Thought perhaps of a drone but no idea at what price point they are worth having. Anything under £250? Would be wanting it for making decent quality videos/photos.

    Singletrack…do my research fro me. Ta.

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    If you define decent as quality video, usable outdoors, going to reliable etc, you might struggle for £250 (of the top of my head).

    I think there is another thread on this but starting point for first time users with a small budget would usually be something like the DJI Spark – that’s £400 odd quid if you look around hard enough.

    Premier Icon timmys
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    Thanks. My hunch was that my budget was too low.

    Premier Icon kelron
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    You could get a cheap one for practice first, though they’re harder to fly without the features of high end drones. Better to crash a £30 drone than a £400 one.

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    After my previous thread linked to above, I bought a Eachine E58. Spent £45ish including three batteries.

    I’ve flown it once in the garden to get an hang of it and once out in the wild as it were – first impressions is that it seems like good fun – it does not have a massive range at all and no inbuilt gps which the more pricier models do.

    The footage (720p) seems adequate too. You’re not going to be called up by the BBC to film for David Attenborough documentary but acceptable…

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    I wouldn’t waste your time on a £30 drone. The ones we have have been shite for want of a better word (5 year old pilot mind you). The controllers don’t allows sync with the drone .

    Bought him a Tello for £100 , he enjoys that one.

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