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  • jamiea

    the Aldi way of scanning it back into the trolley & you sort it out away from the till

    It that how it works? 😳 That’ll explain the grumpy attitude from the checkout bint as we furiously tried to keep up with her packing at the till! Aldi passata, German dead pig product and olive oil for infusing stuff in, FTW!



    I am a fan of Lidl and Aldi. The quality and price of most of their products is fantastic (don’t go for the self brand beans and coffee-bloody awful). It’s where I do most of my shopping. There is no Waitrose close to my house in North Wales.
    When I lived in West Berkshire I regularly went to Waitrose in Thatcham. What seems to be the problem with it? It’s a supermarket like Sainsbury, Tesco, wherever. It’s not really that much more expensive than anywhere else that has a good choice of food.

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    M&S is where it’s at


    M&S is where it’s at

    Up until 5 yrs ago, maybe. Not now. Their range may look appetising but most of it just so devoid of flavour. Utterly utterly bland.


    You queued (2 of you) for 20 mins to pay?
    Are you angels?
    I give them 2 minutes, then I’ll be walking out. This is my biggest gripe with the local Waitrose, they invariably have 5 people queueing at the 2 of 6 open tills.
    I ask the Manager if they’ll open another till, pretty quick, and usually, they do. Why they cannot see the queues for themselves is beyond me, one time the assistant told me the staff were too busy to open more tills, yet 2 were adjacent filling the ‘tempter’ racks near the tills.
    What are they doing then, “oh, they need to fill those now, they cannot stop”.
    So I left my basket there with 15 or so items in there, and made them busier as they had to put back all the stuff they hadnt sold me.

    I had this argument with the Manager once, saying if they offered such good service, why arent all the tills open when they are busy etc. He wasnt interested, so Aldi, over the road gets most of my custom now.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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