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    Being at the cutting edge of popular culture as I am, I’ve just starting watching Peep Show on the Virgin On Demand service.

    Isn’t it blinking brilliant?

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    the first 3 series were excellent but the quality has dropped off since channel 4 through money at it due to its success.


    Premier Icon tomzo
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    One of the best comedy series out there!

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    Dear Channel 4,

    I just thought I’d write to you to let you know that I found your new sitcom pleasingly humerous.


    behind the times

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    Premier Icon kinda666
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    Peep show is genius

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    just got into this for same reason (behind the times)and I have seen them live .. very funny

    Premier Icon alpin
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    when is the next sereis? started already?

    i can only watch what people post up on youtube and the like. can’t get 4on demand when outside the uk….

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    My favourite TV program. I don’t watch TV much at all, but peep show is quality. Just everything that happens is funny, becuase it’s true!

    Theme tune after series 1 is much better tho, and nice that they still use the original for the scene cuts.

    Premier Icon alwyn
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    My favorite show at the moment. Does anyone know if they will do another series?

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    I think the difference from the last series is some of the set-pieces were wildly outlandish, rather than just excruciatingly painful to watch. Thought the wedding episode was class.

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