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  • gribble

    Hi, not sure if they even do Viera range any more, but we have an old tx-26lxd52 model.

    Remote is kaput. Do you know if this will work with Panasonic TV Viera remotes will work on this? Want to order a new one online. TV is from 2005, so from a time when 26 in bikes were seen as god’s honest bikes.


    Universal remote or reprogram a sky tv remote for volume on/off etc


    I lost ours for a tx model about that age and bought another off ebay for a tenner (just put model number in search)

    Premier Icon Cougar

    You’ll be able to get a basic “one for all” programmable remote for a tenth of the price of a branded one, which will be guaranteed to work.

    Do you not have any other remotes in the house (Sky / DVD / VCR / etc) which you can bang in a code to make them control other devices? Most of mine could do that over a decade ago.

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    As others have said, can you program something else.

    We have a Viera of about the same age. The Sky remote does volume, on/off and changing the inputs. Nothing else needed.


    Thanks all. No sky remote, only have freesat and freeview, but no sky. Just had a look on google and have ordered a newer Panasonic remote. They work with the old models and don’t look so dated. Went for this option having had bad experience with programable remote controls. I also have an Yamaha sound bar that has a Viera link, so wanted something that could work with that if possible.

    Thanks for the help.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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