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  • Paint stripping frame to raw
  • I’ve never attempted anything like this before but I’ve decided to paint strip the horrible day-glo orange from my commencal supreme and go ‘raw’.

    Any advice on the best way to strip the paint and how to treat the alloy once stripped?

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    Professionally? That’ll be powder coat not enamel and i’ m not convinced you wont be risking harm to the frame by abrasives or chemicals.


    elbow grease + niroumours or caustic soda. Then PU lacquer or just elbow grease again. Now as why someone want to remove the paint from one of the sexiest colour on a bike, this is a different matter.


    Commercially available chemical strippers are highly unlikely to harm the frame. Using something like Nitromors you’ll need to dismantle the frame completely and give yourself half a day to remove the paint. The bulk will/should come off easily; paint around welds will need extra applications of stripper. Aluminium does most of its oxidising withing minutes of being exposed, so a bare/polished frame finish will be easier to maintain than one with a clearcoat finish.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve done three frames: one HT and two FS.


    I’ve just had my paramotor sandblasted and re-powdercoated for £150.

    He was cursing a bit as old powdercoat doesn’t just blast off – it melts off, which is really slow.

    Looks ace though.



    then polish the frame…

    both take ages… and ages and ages – you could do a brushed finish which is quicker…

    you will wish you had never started if you do this.. felt like this with my Cannondale m2000…

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    £25 done at a powder coaters HERE…

    Quick buff up with a kitchen scouring pad after….walk in the park innit.


    ^ looked better in white 😉

    Now as why someone want to remove the paint from one of the sexiest colour on a bike, this is a different matter.

    Nitromors and elbow grease it is then.

    It’s not so much the colour I dislike it’s the fact the paint jobs on Commies are generally quite poor and the chips and flaking is already really bad – looks very tatty after only a dozen or so rides. I only have to look at my Supreme and it starts to flake. I’m hoping that technique may help when stripping it but you know that as soon as I start the paint won’t budge.

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    Did my Ventana, but the paint came off very easily. Some can be a real task. Plenty of Nitrimors, some plastic scrapers. Tried polishing mine but gave up. If the frame has been lightly blasted before the original finish your looking at hours & hours of wet & dry flatting to get it anywhere near enough to polish. When polished it comes up a treat, but by christ is there some work in it. The kit I bought had 3 different mops & soaps. had it re-powder coated in the end.

    Kayak23’s looks nice, wish I’d have thought of that. 😉

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    Try using a scalpel blade to take off most of the paint before using Nitromors.

    make sure you get the right nitromors.


    did my turner RFX with nitromors a scraper and wire wool to finish up the tubes. took about 8 hours to do the front. no paint or laquer needed afterwards. no problems at all, Turner even sell them like this from new.

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