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    The ethos of this forum must be one of mutual respect for everyone who uses it. You may argue and debate with anyone but when the argument becomes heated or abuse begins to creep in, then you will have crossed the line. If you don’t step back from it then you will likely be moderated.

    Respect for everyone is paramount. If we see evidence or have good reason to believe that you are looking to get a rise or to deliberately force a reaction from any other users (Trolling) then we will stop you.

    If you are here to chat, respectfully debate issues or ask genuine questions of the thousands of users who come here then you are welcome to stay and we have no doubts you will add positively to our huge community.

    There are literally thousands of new posts every day and we simply can’t read everyone of them, or even a small fraction, so we ask that if you spot anything you think we should be aware of then please use the REPORT function at the bottom of every post to make us aware of it. Please don’t assume that if it is there that we have allowed it to stay – we just haven’t seen it yet and we need your help.

    This forum is remarkable in its scope of topics, experience of its users and sheer numbers of regular visitors – we hope you all enjoy it.

    Play nice ūüôā

    On behalf of everyone at Singletrack

    Premier Icon Mark

    Update: Friday 9th February

    You may notice the site response times being quite slow over the weekend. This is because we are indexing our entire website to be able to bring back a new and improved search function to the site.

    We hope faster browsing will be back by the end of the weekend.

    Update: Monday 13th February

    The forum will be worked on and alongside with other developments. The things that we are currently doing on the forum are:

    1. Put a search back that will be useful and won’t slow the site

    2. Improve the member history so you can find your posts and replies to your posts

    3. Deal with the formatting issues.

    We will be giving a brief update, hopefully at the end of each working day.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Update Wednesday 14th February

    We have ‘mostly’ fixed the paste function in the editor. We have noted some exceptions being posted.

    More tomorrow.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    In Case You Missed It,

    The “report post” feature as had an overhaul.¬† You can now provide a reason again, and it should mean that we can respond to reports much faster.

    Update Friday 16th February

    Search is back!

    The forum search is back. Right now you may find results for forum posts posted between late 2010 and early 2013 will not be returned by the search, but they will be there after the weekend.

    The search on the front page of the forum will search all posts. Search on the individual forum pages will bring back results for that particular forum.

    Please bear with us while we improve the look and feel of the forum and develop the search further.

    Premier Icon Mark

    UPDATE: Sunday 6:30pm

    So, a lick of paint and a new look. But still a few bugs left for us to fix in the morning.

    We’ve turned search off until we get back in the morning as it was giving us silly results.

    Things may be slow while cache’s catch up for a few hours.

    But we need to go home.

    Premier Icon Mark

    The site is slow. We are trying to fix this but it may have to wait until the morning.

    Premier Icon Mark

    Looks like we have an issue with a network card on our server, which means we will have to wait until the morning to get our server provider to look at it.

    Update – Tuesday 20th Feb

    Search is back on – the search in the classified and for sale forum only searches the last 3 months of post history.

    Line spacing has been increase on the forum replies.

    Report button should work.

    Classifieds and For sale posts should be viewable in your member profile pages.

    Wednesday 21st

    Search pagination broke what we were trying to do yesterday as a quick fix. There has been a fix to this issue

    To try and make it clear the search from the front page will search ALL of your millions of forum posts regardless of which individual forum a post belongs to. The search at the top of each individual forum will search only for posts within that forum, and, additionally the ‘classifieds’ and ‘wanted’ forums will only search in posts submitted in the last 3 months.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Editor buttons and Preview should now be working for everyone.¬† There’s no need to report this (unless they aren’t working for you still).¬†¬†Thank you to users Aracer and Nixie whose feedback assisted Tech in pinpointing the root cause.

    There’s an issue using the Swiftkey browser on Android.¬† As a workaround I’d suggest using a different keyboard with the site for now (there’s dozens available and it’s simple to have multiples installed and switch between them).

    The primary dev focus currently is on the site’s performance and hosting,¬†therefore there I don’t expect to see any visible changes to the codebase for the next few days.¬† Please continue to report anything new you find, be that issues or feature requests, on the Forum Update sticky.¬† If you have an issue then please remember to specify the platform you’re using (Firefox on Windows, Chrome on Android, Lynx on the ZX Spectrum, etc) as this is a big help.


    Premier Icon Mark

    Today we fixed a bug that you aren’t going to like.

    As you know paying subscribers have ads disable on the site once they are logged in. Since we launched the new theme the filter that handles that has been disabling ads for most registered users too. Today we fixed that and registered users now will be seeing ads on the page.

    Firstly let me reiterate how important they are. Ad revenue is a vital revenue stream for us and without it we would not exist. I can’t stress that enough.

    However, what we are going to do is ad another layer of filtering to our ad system that will reduce the ads for registered users by around 20%. It’s going to take some time to implement as I have to completely rebuild the ad inventory to allow the filtering to work but over the coming days the number of ads on the page will reduce for registered users.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    To clarify on the back of comments on other threads,

    “Subscribers” = Premier users.¬†¬†“Registered users” = anyone with an account (as opposed to just browsing without logging in).¬† No loggy inny = more adverts.

    Premier Icon Mark

    We’ve introduced a font change.

    Lots of feedback on this and the Montserrat font, while staying for headings and titles, sort of wasn’t really working as the body font. We are trying Open Sans.

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