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  • flow

    Thinking about going 1×10 and was wondering whats the biggest chainring thats compatible with the Five without anything fouling the pivot?

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    I would say 36t to 38t


    In am just having this done myself (at the LBS as I know chaindevices can be fiddly and may need modifying). Mine is a 2011 five. I did consider going 2×10 but the issue of max front chainring sizes came up. As far as I understand the problem arrises only when shifting to and from the granny ring, but correct me if I am wrong.

    If you run 2×10 they recommend only running upto a 32 front (but I do know some people have run bigger and it was ok). They chain can otherwise catch the weld on the pivot when chainging between the middle and the granny ring. (I presume the mech moves the chain across before it drops down).

    From this I took it that as long as you run 1×10, and you do not have to change to the granny, you can just run bigger rings. I have gone for a 34t, there were issues with the chain device and the swingarm, hopefully now sorted using a file..

    Anyone please correct me if I am wrong (I suppose I will find out soon enough when I pick mine up from LBS).



    Hmmm, interesting, thanks.

    Anyone else done this?


    I had to run an extra spacer behind the BB cup when i switched from a triple to 36/24 set-up on my last 5. With-out that extra spacer, the chain was catching the swingarm.

    It messed up the chainline but i couldn’t tell a difference in use.

    Hob Nob

    The issue more was a chain device that didn’t foul the swingarm.

    I had to modify an LG1+ to work so it sat in the right place. I used a 34T & it was fine.


    I have a 2011 Five that i run 1 X 10

    32 tooth ring with a with a Superstar Plasma chain device.

    Not sure what size ring you could go for but a 36 should be easily accommodated. Do you need anything bigger?

    I rarely spin out of the 32.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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